Saturday 26 January 2013

GOZU - The Fury Of A Patient Man Review

The Fury Of A Patient Man cover art


The Fury Of A Patient Man

Small Stone
23 April 2013

The band: 

Marc Gaffney - Vocals, guitar
Doug Sherman - Guitar
Barry Spillberg - Drums

Jay Canava and Paull Dallaire shared the bass guitar duties on this album, however Joe Grotto is the new 4-stringer.

It all starts out super-fuzzy in the shape of Bald Bull and like an enraged bull Gozu stampedes with one mission and that mission is to annihilate, rock the fuck out and to have a great time doing it.
The Fury Of A Patient Man comes blasting at me 100mph never really slowing down keeping me on my feet pogoing, thrashing, headbanging, mosh-pitting...all on my own! For me this is the ultimate lift-me-up album you could possibly think of. Ever since I heard their brutal onslaught for the first time Gozu are THE band for a bad day.

In all their heaviness they are a tongue-in-cheek band. Just check out some of the song titles and you know what I mean: Signed, Epstein's Mom, Charles Brons Pinchot, Irish Dart Fight, Disco Related Injury, Traci Lords and Snake Plissken. The humour is so apparent throughout and works great in unison with their excellent music. In my opinion a band that release albums should do their very best and be serious about that, make sure studio work is as good as possible. On the other hand if a band takes itself too serious with everything they do become a parody and ultimately boring. Gozu clearly do their very best musically but they can definitely laugh at themselves as well amidst all their heaviness which in turn makes them such a breath of fresh air. And I just love it.

The band brings a lot of styles to the table and weaves it all together elegantly. It's mainly fuzzed out stoner rock and 70's heavy rock but with dollops of doom, psychedelica and even a touch of old-style death metal. Check out Charles Bronson Pinchot for that.

Most of the songs range between 3:30-5:30 minutes, however the brilliant closer The Ceaseless Thunder Of Surf clocks in at daunting 23:34, yes that's right folks. The first 8 minutes or so is all out stoner fuzz before they go all jammy and trippy on us. It's pretty brave to finish an album with an instrumental piece that long but they excel with honours! Judging from this release it is very obvious that Gozu aren't an ordinary band, so ending The Fury Of A Patient Man this way fits their grand scheme of things perfectly.

I had never heard of the band before this album was sent to me and I do have to backtrack their previous efforts anything else warrants my admittance to the nut house. Because if it's as good as The Fury Of A Patient Man I'm in for something special. And so are you when you check them out. Start with this release, you will not be disappointed and then work your way back through Gozu's recorded history. Dont' miss out because this is fucking great! 

Håkan Nyman

Another great review from Håkan and one we all agree with at Sludgelord. This album is fucking great as Håkan rightly put it.

Thanks to the cool guys at Small Stone Records for letting us review this. Much appreciated guys.

The Fury Of A Patient Man is available to buy from Small Stone Records BandCamp Now.

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