Monday 7 January 2013


'Self Titled' EP cover art

Cattle is a Noise Rock/Punk/Art Rock Band from Leeds, UK

The members are: Tom / Ant / Chris

I am going to let the band themselves describe their own great sound as I couldn't put it better myself.

"We're called CATTLE, we're based in Leeds and we play noise rock in the vein of Big Business, Jesus Lizard and Godheadsilo. As a bit of bio, we're a three piece (bass, drums and vocals) and we started in summer 2012 having played in different bands around the Leeds scene.
We've taken the time to try and produce every aspect of the recording ourselves, from mixing, releasing, packaging etc... 

We are all keen advocates of DIY or in the words of the Minutemen 'we jam econo'."

Well if you like Noise Rock influenced by Big Business and Jesus Lizard then your in luck. As Cattle are a pretty good band adding Punk Rock and Art Rock vibes to their chaotic blend of riff and fucked up carnage.

Their debut self titled EP is 4 tracks and runs for a weird and wonderful 17 minutes. It does show what Cattle can do so well. It's not the best produced EP but it gets the job.

It's available on BandCamp Buy Now Type Deal.

They have got me intrigued to see what they can do on a proper full length as there are some great catchy riffs on the 4 tracks on show.

Give them a try as Cattle are a very good band who I think are worthy of your time. A great EP from a very cool and promising band. 

Highly Recommended.

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