Monday 21 January 2013


Veneralia cover art

Electric Taurus are a Heavy Blues/Stoner Metal Band from Dublin, Republic of Ireland

The members are:

James Lynch - Bass
Matt Casciani - Guitar&Vocals
Mauro Frison - Drums

Electric Taurus are a superb Blues/Stoner Metal band blending modern day riffage with elements of music of legendary bands of the past & present.

The following description is their own words and it nails their sound pretty much spot on.

"The band it's heavily influenced by Black Sabbath,Hendrix, The who, Led Zeppelin, Cream and Deep Purple an the underground bands like Buffalo, Leaf Hound, Iron Claw, Primevil, Hard Stuff, captain Beyond.All this Fuzz music it's then blended with the '90 Monster Magnet, Sleep, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Electric wizards, Orange Goblin."

That description is a very apt way to describe their music and their brilliant new album - Veneralia. A storming collection of superb Stoner Metal riffs with a healthy dose of Blues Rock thrown in for good measure.

I was going to do a full review of this excellent album but legendary blogger and the queen of reigning Italian Doom - Mari - has already done the best review I have read on this album on ace website - Doommantia.

I agree with every word that Mari has written. This album is an insane blast of blues infused Stoner Metal riffs with a heavy nod of psychedelic overtones.

I loved every freaky based second of it. Electric Taurus are a band that deserve your attention now. It's a wonderful album to freak the fuck out to. And has too many great moments to mention.

Veneralia proves that Irish Stoner Rock/Metal has another brilliant band to call their own. Electric Taurus are the real deal.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Veneralia on Both Physical and Digital Copies from BandCamp.

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