Saturday 5 January 2013

Three Way Plane

Fire EP cover art

Three Way Plane are a Indie/Punk/Hardcore/Stoner/Fuck Whatever Genre from Athens/ Thessaloniki, Greece

The members are:

stratos - guitar, voice
john - bass
dio - drums
geo - drums

Three Way Plane are another outstanding band from Greece you all need to check out now. Play in a whole range of genres while forging their own identity with some great songs to match.

I will let their bio do all the talking:

"Three way plane was formed at the end of 2003 in Athens, Greece. February 2004: our first gig took place.Several concerts, with friendly bands, followed in Athens and Thessaloniki.
We also had the luck to be the opening act for Savage Republic, Senser and Gallon Drunk.
We try to be open-minded and create music spontaneously through jamming and improvisation. Therefore we just combine our ideas and write music for our songs. Stratos and dio write lyrics talking about anything that distracts their minds.
In 2006 we released our EP "Bright Days" in DIY terms and the song "My Best Friend" was also included in the second Spinalonga Records compilation: "In The Junkyard Vol 2".
Our debut LP entitled: "give us something new to shout" was released in 2010 by Spinalonga Records.

Since April 2011 we have a second drummer! Don't ask why. Long story. 

On January 12 we will perform with 2 drummers, for the first time, presenting our NEW EP entitled: "FIRE"!!!"

All of the Three Way Plane's material is up for free download on their BandCamp Page and they fucking rock out all 3 excellent releases.

Their latest - Fire - is a storming head-banging punk inspired rock and roll fury of action packed riffs that showcases this great band's talent.

Fucking Superb. Headover to BandCamp and download all their material now. Their are links to buy each individual release on physical release as well.

Check out superb tracks - Fall In Love With Fire and Queen Misery from their latest EP - Fire to see why I recommend these guys so highly. Brilliant.

Check This Great Band Below: