Monday 28 January 2013

SHALLOW GRAVE - S/T Album Review



Astral Projection - Feb 4th 2013

Shallow Grave are an Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal band from New Zealand. And that's all the information I have on these hugely talented sludge rockers.

They are signed to Astral Projection - a cool label that sent me their stunning S/T debut album. An album that has 6 tracks and runs for a brutally impressive 55 mins or so.

If your a fan of Neurosis, Isis and Black Sabbath then your going to go crazy over this. Shallow Grave have released a stunning album to showcase their monumental talents. These hard rocking Kiwi's have delivered a heavy slab of heavy as fuck Doom/Sludge Metal Apocalyptic End Of The World based riffage.

This album starts off heavy and fucking stays that way through the entire duration. The vocals and riffs feel like they have been crafted and molded in HELL itself.

First track - Devil's Harvest- sets the scene and mood for what is to come next. Its full of violent sludge riffs with eerie based vocals to boot. This 10 minute monster will leave your shaken and stirred but begging for more.

It's a good job the band band deal in epic tracks as they range from 5 mins to 15 mins in length. These guys channel the mid 90's aggression of Neurosis when Post-Metal was starting to take off. I wouldn't call Shallow Grave Post-Metal as such. Atmospheric Sludge is more an apt term and description. As with most Post-Metal bands there is an ambient Post-Rock vibe to calms things down. Not here folks. Shallow Grave start pissed off and they stay that way.

It gives the album a violent and unpredictable edge. Vocals are screamed at you and riffs shredded at your very soul. Imagine a mad man tearing you limb from limb as Shallow Grave leave you with that unpleasant feeling of unwanted mayhem and destruction.

Other great tracks to check out are Chemical Fog, Nameless Chants and the sublime 15 minute epic - City Of The Dead.

Shallow Grave have done themselves proud here. This is an album you will never forget. It's an uncompromising journey into the abyss of darkness.

It's wonderfully produced as you can hear every thick riff to violent head-banging perfection. Don't let this album pass you by. Shallow Grave will tear your fragile world apart.

Uncompromising, unrelenting and heavy as fuck from the word go. Shallow Grave's debut album is a masterclass of extreme metal. Maybe Peter Jackson can get Shallow Grave to do the soundtrack to the next Hobbit movie. Or if he decides to make one his crazier low-budget fucked up efforts. Shallow Grave would definitely fit the bill.

Sorry I digress - Yeah Shallow Grave are the real deal. A true talent has emerged and I implore you to check these hugely talented Sludge Rockers out.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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