Tuesday 1 January 2013

Richard Maw's Top 10 Records of 2012

List based upon enjoyment, amount listened to and quality. Please note all albums outside of the top ten are not really ranked, but are kind of in tiers:

Albums Of the Year 2012

1) Psychedelic Pill- Neil Young

2) A Eulogy for the Damned- Orange Goblin

3) Deathhammer- Asphyx

4) The Electric Age- Overkill

6) Equilibrium- God Forbid

7) De Vermis Mysteriis- High On Fire

9) Out To Die- Aura Noir



Honourable mentions in some order:

Lilie F-65- St Vitus

Tragic Idol- Paradise Lost
Americana- Neil Young

Tempest- Bob Dylan

The Whippoorwill- Blackberry Smoke

Legend- Witchcraft


The Hunt- Grand Magus

Rise Vulcan Spectre- Nekromantheon

Titles which are highlighted you can find links to our reviews and links to bands.