Friday 18 January 2013


74K34514NR013X EP cover art

FAKE ASIAN ROLEX is a grindcore/noise/punk/rock n roll band from Paris, France

FAKE ASIAN ROLEX are a 5 man fast and furious Punk/Grindcore/Noise/Rock N Roll band from the depths of hell.

Don't let the fluffy kitten fool you. These guys fucking rock and they mean fucking business. What else do you want from a Grindcore Rock N Roll Band.

Their excellent new EP - 74K34514NR013X EP - is a blast from start to finish of insane beats and glitches from a brilliant band. Damn these guys know how to rock the fuck out.

It's a 9-song thrill ride over in 12 minutes but what a ride it is. If you want in your face grindcore/punk blasts then this is the EP for you. Enjoy as it's superb from start to finish.

You can download this for free from BandCamp right now and I loved every minute of it.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: