Saturday 4 October 2014

Baba Naga – S/T EP (Review)

Baba Naga cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: July 30th 2014
Label: Self Released

Baba Naga – S/T – track listing:

1.Osku Til Osku 05:39
2.Popo Bawa 05:50


Baba Naga are shamen in a world where the existence of souls is denied. They offer worship for those who acknowledge the nihility of deities. The most fantastic and appalling tragedies are all real, horrors masked inside the sarcophagi of human myths and history. Baba Naga offer these stories in song, and give hopeless prayer to the people. The gods are dead, but the people need to worship something.

The music is a peregrination from desperation to despair, channelled into euphoric, psychedelic, pagan gloom.

The live show is moody, trippy, a sickening high without narcotics. Although the members of Baba Naga neither smoke the Devil's herb, nor ingest psyychotropic drugs, their doomy, shoegazey gigs are often described as making people feel as if they are stoned.

Sheffield exists on the boundary between urban and wild. Baba Naga formed in this convergence, three men lost and in need of each other.


Moz - shreds, vibes
Plim - rhythm, chants
Alexis - beats, drones.


Baba Naga's debut S/T EP is a dreamy shoegaze mix of Doom, Stoner Rock, Fuzz and Psych Rock that is winning a lot of praise within the Stoner Rock community. Now it's time for Sludgelord to join the growing ranks of followers this excellent band is starting to gather.

Their debut EP is a blast of weird and wonderful Stoner/Psych Rock riffs with a dose of Hard Rock thrown in to give their music that extra loud volume to slay you with. Baba Naga are one of the freshest and original bands from the UK Stoner/Psych Rock scene that I have came across this year. These guys can sure write a groovy riff to hypnotize you with. They deserve credit for doing something different and thinking outside of the box.

This EP will appeal to all Psych/Stoner Rock fans looking for their next hallucinogenic musical fix as their music is highly addictive indeed. It's a shame the EP only lasts 12 minutes but it shows that Baba Naga have something special about them. Opening track - Osku Til Osku – has an almost tantric feel to it before exploding into loud angry Stoner/Psych Rock territory where the loud riffs drift into the background for Plim's almost shaman-esque vocals to give this track an out of body experience type feel. Close your eyes and drift into whatever dimension or permanent state of Stoned-Out-Fuzz Arousal.

Damn this stuff is so good I have been listening to it non-stop over the past couple of weeks or so. It's seriously that good. I can't wait to see these guys live twice in two days at two different gigs later this month when they support H A R K/Ken Mode in Sheffield and then Brant Bjork in Leeds 24 hours later. I think I will be in for one wild spacey trippy ride. Lets pray that I come back in one piece. If not I am blaming these guys.

Written by Steve Howe

Download this now as it's awesome and it's available for free download on BandCamp now.

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