Monday 6 October 2014

The Glorious Rebellion - S/T 7" Vinyl (Review)

Album Type: 7 Inch
Date Released: 29/7/2014
Label: Magnetic Eye Records

The Glorious Rebellion” DD/7” tracklist:

1). My Resume is a Suicide Note (03:50)
2). Thanks to AA, I'm the DD (03:13)

The Band:

Wade | Drums
Red | Bass
Billy III | Guitars, Vocals
Dave Washburn | creepy backup vocals
Lisa Washburn | extra creepy backup vocals


This may only be a two song 7” release, but what a pair of songs on offer. The cognitive dissonance of the following statement is true but contradictory: This is the most accessible sound of hyper abrasive sludge/punk I've ever heard. This is not to knock it at all, because I bet this shit is fucking great live, but the flow is almost poppy and is hyper catchy.  These guys could actually be played on a modern metal radio format. Which is pretty nuts and a testament to how great these two songs are, indeed if an album they subsequently release maintains this level of fury, it must not be missed!!

On to the review of the songs themselves. The first track “My Resume is a Suicide Note” begins with an Unsane style riff into an unusual verse section. Windmilling into a chugging hardcore chorus which perfectly follows the stompy verse. The breakdown is simple but has kind of a weird proggy feel to it. The second track “Thanks to AA, I'm the DD” begins with angry vocals and driving bass moving into a catchy chorus. The unusual bridge really sets this song apart as it feels almost like a left turn and is almost a chorus in itself. It actually reminds me of some of Helmet's stuff especially at the end of the bridge. Great mix too, check it out below.

Words by: Chris Tedor

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