Wednesday 8 October 2014

TONG PO - S/T (Album Review)

Tong Po cover art

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 01st September 2014
Label: Self Released

Tong Po – S/T - track listing:

1.The Beak 03:16
2.CXXII AD 03:39
3.Smoke Signals 03:08
4.Can He Move Like Me? 03:03
5.Freddie Li 05:19
6.Five Miles 04:44


Current and ex members of Zealots, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaind, Disfunction, Jinn, Grace and many others

Band Members

Rew - Guitar
Adam - Bass
Graham - Drums


Here is a band by the name of TONG PO from my home town of Newcastle Upon Tyne who play fast paced Instrumental Stoner Rock/Metal. If you're a fan of Karma To Burn then you need to check these guys out now as their debut S/T release is a fantastic album to rock out to.

The production is very lo-fi but it still has a great sound for a debut release. TONG PO show a lot of promise on this release and I can see these guys going a very long way within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene. As you may notice these guys are named after the legendary Jean Claude Van Damme flick – Kickboxer – from the 1980s. Mainly named after the main villain and they have named one of the albums best tracks after one of the other villains from the movie mainly – Freddie Li.

Movie trivia aside, this is packed full of heavy riffs that keep you entertained through out. It could of done with a few more songs but maybe the band have something else in store for us on future releases. Maybe they will venture further into the world of Jean Claude Van Damme movie classics. Timecop, BloodSport, Double Impact, AWOL and Nowhere To Run. Well you get the idea. Maybe you can tell I may have been a JCVD fan when I was younger.

The release does have a huge amount of Psychedelic vibes to check out as well. Do yourself a favour and headover to Bandcamp and download this now. You will pleasantly be surprised. It's available on Buy Now Download though the band are selling CD's as well for the low price of £2.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Written by: Steve Howe

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