Friday 3 October 2014

Grizzlor - When You Die EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 4/10/2014
Label: Money Fire Records

‘When You Die’ DD/LP track listing:

1). No Time
2). Plaster Cowboy
3). Stoned
4). Mini Spaceships


3-piece noise rock. New Haven, CT

The Band:

Victor | guitar/vocals
Wade | bass
John | drums


You're cool, right?

You're gonna need to smoke a bowl before pressing play. In fact, you may have a gun to your head. Baked sludge absurdity, power-slopping through four tracks of surfed-out stoner doom, these guys make drug-nihilism and wild-eyed crazy sound like a hell of a lot of fun. A 3-piece from Connecticut, GRIZZLOR totally slayed me with this 7", released Oct 4th on Money Fire Records. Sloppy, raw, fucking dirty, but upbeat (with more than a tinge of madness) these guys take the Eyehategod/Fistula base on a detour through trebly surf punk spazz.

‘No Time’ lurches into a staggering groove that sets the head bobbing immediately. Noisy and big, the bass is the linchpin of this monster riff, spearheading the grinding hop. Guitars howl and clamor above it and just as you’d expect this building momentum to really start moving, it stops. 1:23, no fat no filler, No Time. ‘Plaster Cowboy’ leads with a coughing, over processed maniacal laughter before racing off on a pseudo d-beat caveman drum attack that never lets up. This relentlessness is upheld by the shouted/shrieked vocals that seem nowhere close to sanity and that constant angry bass. The catastrophic low-end once again stars on the third tune, titled ‘Stoned’, anchoring every aspect, riff, and ratio of the song. Slowed down and sluggish, it churns massively through some of the heaviest moments I've heard so far this year.

The final song on this EP, ‘Mini Spaceships’ takes off through the stratosphere and is gone, though clearly a DUI is in the offing with this bouncing rip through the cosmos. It doesn't sound like he likes his spaceship very much. That is, if the whole thing isn't just a psilocybin-induced hallucination in the first place. Dick Dale leads careen over fuzzy Melvins chunk before abruptly ending, once again under 2 minutes. This thing is short but rad, a ton of nasty hooks and abrasive grooves. Kinda reminds me of St. Louis-area band ((THORLOCK)). Stay the course, gentleman, this shit rules.

Words by: James Harris

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