Tuesday 7 October 2014

Syreregn - Skabt Værk Består (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 01/10/2014
Label: Bilocation / Kozmik-Artifactz

‘Skabt Værk Består’ LP track listing:

A1). Skabt Vaerk Bestaar (7:20) 
A2). Hypnokongen (5:19)
A3). Going under (6:48)
B1). Marana tha (12:28)
B2). Psychedelic baby (5:42)
B3). Skabt Vaerk Bestaar Reprise (2:36)


Syreregn is a psychedelic blues rock band from Denmark, existing since 2006. The band went through several line-up changes and delivered some great outputs in the past. With Skabt Vaerk Bestaar they offer a new musical experience, presenting heavy psychedelic masterpieces with huge influences of heroes from the late 60ies like Cream, Pink Floyd or Hendrix Experience.

Skabt Vaerk Bestaar is their heaviest output so far and should find its place in every serious psychedelic-rock collection! Hopefully they will tour through europe soon and deliver their goods live! 


Skabt Værk Består (which apparently means Created Work Consists in Danish, blame online translators if wrong) is the new album from Danish psychedelic blues band Syreregn (which apparent is Danish for Acid Rain, again blame the translator).

Regardless of names and my poor ability to speak or translate Danish correctly, Skabt Værk Består is if nothing a fine blues album. The riffs, tempos and melodies all call back to the time of acid, Eric Clapton and of course, the Hammond organ which makes its presence well and truly felt on this release within in the first three minutes or so.  The guitar is tuned almost precisely to the tone of that of Cream and couldn’t be more welcome alongside the randomly placed but lovely “You Maniacs!!!!” clips from the original Planet of the Apes.

This is certainly an album that isn’t afraid to experiment, with a sitar and eastern flavour to the albums fourth track “Marana Tha”. Whilst the second track “Hypnokongen” is a tribute again to Cream, with the vocalist wailing out his best Jack Bruce vocals, in Danish though of course.

The album slips directly into the world of the psychedelic with lots of electronic bleeps and strange noises that whilst being rather trippy could easily be found at home on an early Pink Floyd album like “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”.  This is topped with the obligatory bit of 60s/70s indulgence, with more than one time there being an unneeded bass solo and a little bit of Hendrix guitar pyrotechnics on the odd occasion.

For all its momentarily indulgences and detours, Skabt Værk Består is certainly a fine inclusion to any blues rock or even fan of the 60s rock scene. Despite knowing absolutely nothing about Syreregn on the way into this review I think I’ll check out their back catalogue.  I’ve been reliably informed that this album is a bit heavier than the bands standard output and if that’s the case, that maybe needs to be taken into account for established fans of the band who approach this album. 

Words by: Dan O’Brien

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