Saturday 25 October 2014

Intercostal - S/T (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 01/12/2013
Label: GBS Prod

‘Intercostal’ CD/DD/LP track listing:

1). Hellfire Helix (03:05)
2). Sea’s Calling (03:07)
3). Barrels (03:22)
4). Tools of War (02:40)
5). Wrath (02:42)
6). Lay Down Arms (02:56)
7). Tons of Humans (03:10)
8). Hammered (02:09)
9). The End of Knowledge (03:47)
10). Blood Runs Cold (02:58)
11). Sagawa (03:24)
12). Aftermath (04:11)


INTERCOSTAL is a 4 piece massive down-tuned progressive stoner band from Geneva.

The Band:

Batist | guitar
Tavern | guitar
Fred | bass
Mario | drums


If you have been watching the NOLA documentary series that is currently running on Noisey and has been for the last couple of weeks, you would have been reminded about the vast array of kick ass metal that has emerged from that part of the world over the past twenty or so years. Well for fans of all things NOLA, Intercostal (despite hailing from the bayou formally known as Geneva Switzerland) will take you on a walking tour of all the best of southern metal

Ranging from the progressive stoner vibes of Torche, to riffs reminiscent of ‘Remission’ era Mastodon to the Southern Carolina groove of ‘Deliverance’ era Corrosion of Conformity, throw in the occasional sludge of Crowbar with a lot of pot and you’ve got Intercostal.  The bands self titled album manages to contain all these varied influences whilst at points balance many of the flavours of the NOLA scene at the same time.

The mostly instrumental album is packed with twists and turns, it ploughs through its succession of groovy riffs and are backed up by a high quality rhythm section, held together mostly by an insanely dirty rumbling bass sound that bellows throughout the record alongside the thundering drum beats.

It may not being doing something completely innovative or even bothering to think about possibly having a go at reinventing the wheel. But Intercostal’s self titled album is a solid release which would fit well into any stoner or sludge fans record collection. This is surely an album that will appease its intended fans without question with its Southern NOLA influences, mixed with a blend of stoner rock, making the bands output boom whilst sounding as massive as Andre The Giant on stilts.

Words by: Dan O’Brien

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