Tuesday 28 October 2014

HIGH FIGHTER - The Goat Ritual (EP Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: October 2014
Label: Self Released

The Goat Ritual – Track Listing

2Steps Blueskill
Breaking Goat Mountains
Black Waters
Fire In The Sun
In Veins


High Fighter formed in the Summer of 2014 and it started as a total new band project born by former band members of A Million Miles, Buffalo Hump and Pyogenesis.

Lets have High Fighter describe themselves - High Fighter have drenched themselves into some intense jams, songwriting, a lot of beer & smoke, to write some songs over the past 3 months, and recorded this EP LIVE in our rehearsal room over one weekend. No studio, no high class production, just us - pure, simple and heavy.


Mona Miluski - vocals ( ex- A Million Miles )
Christian "Shi" Pappas - rhythm guitar ( ex- A Million Miles )
Ingwer Boysen - lead guitar ( ex- Buffalo Hump )
Constantin Wüst - bass ( ex- Buffalo Hump )
Thomas Wildelau - drums ( ex- Pyogenesis & Buffalo Hump )


I have been waiting for Mona Miluski's return to music for a very long time. Since the start of this year when Mona told me she was forming a new band. Mona used to be the lead vocalist of much missed Stoner Rockers – A Million Miles – who released a critically acclaimed album back in 2013.

We will ignore the fact that Mona has worked as a PR Rep with some of Stoner/Sludge Metal's biggest names over the last few years. It's time to for the High Fighter juggernaut to announce their arrival to the Stoner Metal/Hard Rock with their stunning debut EP – The Goat Ritual which is a stunning mix of Stoner Metal, Hardcore and Blues Rock.

The Goat Ritual is comprised of members from A Million Miles, Buffalo Hump and Pyogenesis. With those 3 great band involved you know this shit is going to be heavy with a thick hazy aroma or smoky riffs running through it's veins. Opening track – 2Steps Blueskill – perfectly sets the scene with fast-paced hardcore based Stoner Metal riffs with Mona making a welcome return to music with ballsy as hell vocals that oozes confidence. When the band start adding the blues rock vibes to their music you're instantly drawn in with Mona's vocals going into almost Death Metal style grunts which I never expected at all. Damn this stuff is good.

Before you notice it the excellent standout 2nd track – Breaking Goat Mountains – comes bursting onto your speakers with a hint of A Million Miles creeping through. That's no bad thing as it's cool remembering the good music that band created. Though High Fighter are a different beast altogether. This is a more bluesy number put it still packs a menacing punch as High Fighter's riffs blend superbly with Mona's grizzled and angry passionate vocals. It has a slight Alt 90s metal vibe showing up here and there to give this song a hard-rocking creative edge.

3rd track – Black Waters – is the most menacing track from the EP as High Fighter venture into the more darker side of Metal with Mona once again showing her sublime Jekyll and Hyde persona with clean based vocals before unleashing another heavy round of grizzled/death based growls. Though the main standout is the riffs this time as the rest of High Fighter prove what fantastic musicians they are as they unleash a blast of intense and almost violent stoner metal riffs.

4th track – Fire In The Sun – is a more straight forward Stoner Metal affair for the first minute or so with blazing riffs coming at you from all directions. Mona's vocals once again providing more chills to the atmosphere. It's a low dirty mean affair which High Fighter excel at. Check out the riffs the 3 minute mark as High Fighter go into meltdown to scare the hell out of you.

Last but by no means least is – In Veins – where the band say FUCK IT for one final blues rock attack on the senses. It ends this EP on an almighty high. BONG's to the ready if you want to get a more powerful and addictive effect though the riffs should do for now!!!

High Fighter have created an excellent debut EP to build their sound upon. It's hard to believe this was all recorded in one weekend in a small rehearsal room. KUDOS to Benjamin Kapidzic who has done a fantastic job recording this EP as it sounds awesome from start to finish. I can't wait to hear what High Fighter come up with in the future especially if they are given a longer amount of time within a proper studio. The sky is the limit for High Fighter.

Check out the EP below and the epic interview we recently carried out with High Fighter.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Mona for the advanced promo.

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