Tuesday 14 October 2014

Black Capricorn 'Cult of Black Friars' Album Premiere + Track by Track Description

The 1st of November 2014 will see the release of "Cult of Black Friars", the new album by Black Capricorn, released on picture disc vinyl via Stone Stallion Rex limited to 300 copies.

Born in Cagliari, Italy in 2007 Black Capricorn started as a trio (Kjxu - guitar, vocals; Virginia - bass; Rachela - drums) with the intention of playing their own songs in the rehearsal room only.   In 2009 they recorded a demo which would go on to become their self-titled debut, released by 12th Records (High on Fire, Yob).

From 2010 to 2012 the line-up turned into a 5 piece with the addition of Andrea Cadeddu (guitar) and Matteo Carta (vocals) and released the second album, "Born under the Capricorn" (Stone Stallion Rex).

2013, saw the band return as a trio, followed by some live dates with the help of Daniele Manca on lead guitar. In 2014 saw the release of a split vinyl with the Calabrian doom metal band Bretus (on The Arcane Tapes rec.).

'Cult of Black Friars' will Include 9 songs and album artwork created by Vance Kelly (Down, Graviators, The Sword ...).  The Sludgelord has teamed up with Black Capricorn to present the premiere of their upcoming album in full.  Fabrizio Monni from the band has also kindly provided us with a track by track description.  So check it out below and go pre order the record now

01 ATOMIUM is a distorted, heavy psych sounding song and makes you feel like a sci-fi building of the past, anguish in black and white.

02 CULT OF BLACK FRIARS is true history, like the Dominican inquisitors (the Blackfriars) mixed like in the book "Q" and the mysterious death of Roberto Calvi (the banker of God) in London in 1982 under the Blackfriars Bridge. A sort of secret order that changed the history moving in the dark

03 HAMMER OF THE WITCHES is inspired by the book ‘Malleus Maleficarum’. Parts of the lyrics of the song are the real words from a piece of that book. Of course we support the witches not the inquisitors. Guitar solo played by Luca Catapano from the band Black Wings of Destiny

04 RIDING THE DEVIL'S HORSES is part of a Tryptic started with the song "Il Tamburo del Demonio" from our first album. This is the second side of this Tryptic

05 ANIMULA VAGULA BLANDULA is almost an instrumental song and is particular for the flute played by Alessandra Cornacchia.  This is our first time with this instrument. The lyrics are a poem (in the English version) written by Hadrian the Roman Empire, a melancholic poem.

06 CAT PEOPLE starts with some excerpt taken by the movie Cat People (1942) the track is fast and heavy like a black panther must be

07 FROM THE ABYSS is an epic song and starts with some verses taken by the Leviathan book and has in the middle of the song spoken words from the poem of Alfred Lord Tennyson written in 1830, The Kraken. Imagine a vessel travelling in the ocean trying to escape from the chasing of a monster from the abyss

08 ARCANE SORCERER is a song inspired by the Italian movie L' Arcano Incantatore by Pupi Avati 1996. A very interesting, mysterious and esoteric Monsignor is the Arcane Sorcerer... a must- be-seen movie

09 TO THE SHORES OF DISTANT STARS, finally this is the first acoustic song for Black Capricorn and first time of Rachela as a main voice (if we leave out the cover of Solitude). The title is taken from an episode of the manga Space Pirate Captain Harlock 1977. A sort of Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd (sorry for this comparison).  Acoustic guitar played by our sound engineer Mr. Toro

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