Monday 20 October 2014

SELVA - Life Habitual (Album Review and Exclusive Album Stream)

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Album Type: Album
Date Released: 27th October 2014
Label: Argonauta Records

Life Habitual – Track Listing

1 - [I]
5 - [/]


Founded in late 2013 by Tommy (drums), Gino (bass/voice) and Ale (guitar/voice), who have previously been in other different hardcore bands, ['selvə] are authors of a stunning work made of blackened atmospheres and abrasive sonorities, with a meshing of themes and motifs that goes from post-hardcore and screamo to black and post metal to instrumental post rock, a fascinating experience in murk and tension. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, among others) at Atomic Garden Studio (San Francisco), “Life Habitual” is a blasting debut which will appeal to fans of CELESTE, RUSSIAN CIRCLES and ALCEST


Tommy – Drums
Gino – Bass/Vox
Ale – Vox/Guitar


Selva are another hotly tipped band to come from Italy. Obviously our good pals Argonauta Records are involved yet again in releasing their excellent debut album – Life Habitual. A stirring mix of Post-Black Metal, Screamo and Post-Rock vibes. Sure a million bands have done this style of music before but none with this much confidence on a debut album.

Comparisons to bands such as the ones listed in the Bio only tell a small part of the Selva story as Life Habitual is a dark brooding musical odyssey waiting to drown you in a vengeful sea of anger and fury. Selva are pissed off through out the album. Sure there are moments of calm and peace but Selva live mainly in the darkness. It's more Post-Metal than anything else as Selva blast there way through 38 minutes of brutal riffs. The vocals of Ale and Gino carry extra weight with the heavy riffs on show. 2nd track – Enclosure is where the band impress the most with their haunting and almost hypnotic music weaving a spell so early on. From then on the album impresses even more with each passing second as Selva play like a band possessed with more emotionally charged songs to impress you with.

Life Habitual is an album that demands your full attention as Selva include many different noises and effects you may miss first time round. Especially on some of the album's later tracks such as Existence and Gloaming. The last 16 minutes of the album are dedicated to those final two tracks and it's where Selva show their brilliant musical talents for everyone to see. The dark despairing and violent riffs come crashing all around you and it will devour your very soul. It's bleak, dark, angry but also very beautifully played in scope that will leave you begging for more.

Life Habitual is an excellent debut album if you're a fan of Post-Metal with a dark and twisted edge. Italian Metal has another great band to call upon. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Gero and Barbara at Argonauta Records for sending a promo to review. Life Habitual will be available to buy on CD/DD on Monday October 27th 2014.

The kind folks at Argonauta Records have an exclusive stream for the album for you all to hear.

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