Wednesday 8 October 2014

PINEAL - Smiling Cult (Album Review)

Smiling Cult cover art

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02nd October 2014
Label: Self Released

Smiling Cult - track listing:

1.Theta 03:53
2.ADL 04:23
3.Civil Obedience 04:01
4.Acerbic 05:14
5.Somatic 04:58
6.Tides 03:09


Holy Fuck. Where did these guys come from. Pineal is a Post-Metal/Stoner/Grunge/Whatever band that deals in dark and heavy riffs with dangerous vocals to match. Their debut album 'Smiling Cult' is 25 minutes of dark world weary vibes where the mood is drenched in sorrow and despair.

The vocals have a slight Layne Stayley influence running through out the album. It gives 'Smiling Cult' a sense of despair that Alice In Chains are masters at. Pineal can be described as Alice In Chains jamming with TOOL as the mood never changes course for the albums brief run time. By then Pineal should made you a fan of their haunting apocalyptic style riffs. Tracks such as Theta, ADL and Acerbic all have a bleak Post-Metal/Alt Metal mood though its the grunge aspect that impresses the most.

Hints of grizzled Stoner Metal vibes show up now and again especially on Civil Obedience. It's one of the albums standout tracks as Pineal craft the perfect balance between light and dark when the music shifts from one dark territory to the next. 4th track 'Acerbic' carries on the bleak mood and one that will take you over the edge. It's a dark and brooding tale that Pineal play with such style and grace that it's quite refreshing to listen to despite the dark subject matter.

'Smiling Cult' is a stunning debut release from this dark-edged Stoner/Post-Metal/Grunge collective. Lets see what they can do on a longer release. As Pineal have my attention.

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Awesome. End Of.

Written by: Steve Howe

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