Wednesday 15 October 2014

Granted Earth - The Transit (Album Review)

The Transit cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 01st August 2014
Label: Self Released

The Transit - track listing:

1.Messenger 02:48
2.Self-Resonate 04:08
3.Extraterrascopic 05:43
4.The Transit 06:27
5.Rebirth 04:30
6.A Day In Eternity 04:51
7.Rest Your Head 04:51
8.Aura 00:41
9.Beside Yourself 05:33


Jon Ugale - Drums/Vocals
Rebecca Ugale - Guitar
Mallory Mickel - Bass


Granted Earth return with their eagerly awaited 3rd album – The Transit. And what an album it is. Almost 3.5 years since their last album – Nomad. The Transit sees Granted Earth venture further into Progressive Sludge/Stoner Metal territory unlike ever before.

The Transit is their most accomplished work to date as they are finally starting to forge their own musical identity. Granted Earth say this themselves about the album.

Heavy and hypnotic guitar riffage, driving progressive rhythms and crushing vocals compel one through a voyage from the shadowy depths to transformative ascension.”

Opening track – Messenger – is a quick introduction to Granted Earth's style of sound. It hovers between ISIS and Pelican Post-Metal riffs with the hard-edged progressive primal fury sound of Neurosis though you are treated to a healthy heavy dose of Stoner Metal carnage to calm the nerves.

The Transit explodes into action on the excellent 2nd track – Self-Resonate – with Jon showing everyone who is boss here with heavy as hell impressive vocals. Jon is intense on drums as he blasts powerful beats with enough power to cause a hole in space itself. Laying down heavy as hell guitar riffs is Rebecca once again proving what a formidable talent she is playing metal riffs that gives Granted Earth their signature progressive sound. Rounding up this heavy as hell trio is Mallory on Bass. Mallory adds a menacing touch to proceedings as you can hear the heavy bass coming at you from all directions. When Granted Earth are in full flow then you better stand back or get out of the way.

The Transit features a different style of Sludge/Stoner Metal that you maybe accustomed to as Granted Earth experiment with their sound through out the album. It gives their sound a strange schizophrenic feel and that is no bad thing. Songs such as Extraterrascopic, The Transit and A Day In Eternity don't stick to the standard Sludge/Stoner Metal sound. Sometimes the album ventures more into Post-Metal territory compared to previous Granted Earth releases.

If you want an intelligent mix of different styles within the Sludge/Stoner Metal genres then The Transit is the album for you. Granted Earth always manage to release albums different from the last. The Transit builds on what has came before it and makes it sound so fresh and exciting. Do yourself a favour and download/buy this now as it's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download.

Granted Earth have been personal faves of mine over the last few years. Long may that continue. The Transit is a blast from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe 

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