Sunday 26 October 2014

The Hunted Crows - S/T EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 21/9/2014
Label:  Self-Released

‘The Hunted Crow EP’ DD track listing:

1). Sniff you out (02:02)
2). Gimme me some bad stuff (02:44)
3). New Gun in Town (03:54)
4). Twisted Tongue (03:38)
5). Hungry Wolves (04:29)


The Hunted Crows are a two piece from Melbourne. You might listen and think they’re a 20 piece bassoon ensemble. But they’re not. They’re a two piece. Drums, guitar, heavy sweet riffs, groovin’ beats and catchy vocals. Go listen to their debut EP yourself - and quickly, before they’re forced to form a ‘Dixie Chicks’ tribute band to reach end’s meet.

The Band:

Luy Amiel | Guitar, backup Vocals
Jacob Linnett | Drums, Lead Vocals


Power duos seem to be subversively rising from the general malaise of the music industry of late, perhaps being one of the only ways to make touring somewhat profitable over a larger area. That being said to successfully pull off being a duo requires either a higher level of musicianship, or just a furious attitude with snarling riffs, and pleasantly The Hunted Crows have quite a bit of both to spare.

The biggest thing that will strike you about this self-titled EP is the attitude pervading the vocals and guitar riffs. A heady blend of angry almost punk blues riffs, with swinging drums and vocals that sound like the guy from Kings of Leon finally dropped his balls and started drinking heavily, the fact that The Hunted Crows are from Australia is no surprise.

The best song on here is also the longest and final song “Hungry Wolves” which has some crazy fun effects on guitar. Not to mention the bouncing guitar riffs which are eminently danceable and smile-inducing throughout. The first track “Sniff You Out” is great fun too, having some crazy noise-punk chug going on with surprisingly soulful vocals. The Hunted Crows vocals are actually so good; it has made me question my long-standing opposition to the controversial singing drummer movement.

To mention the mix, everything here is clearly audible and sounds fantastic, the drums are pounding, the guitar is snarling, and the vocals are clear and perfectly reverbed. The drum sound in particular is a highlight; the production makes the kit sound HUGE allowing Jacob Linnet to be exceptionally propulsive.

The only complaint I have with this release, is that it is pretty damn short and I would love to hear a full length in the near future. I hope these guys start touring internationally, you can tell these songs are face blistering live and the stompy beats are fun to jump around to.  Check it out below.

Words by: Chris Tedor

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