Wednesday 15 October 2014

Deaf Eyes - S/T (Album Review)

Album Type: Album
Date Released: November 10th 2014
Label: Argonauta Records

Deaf Eyes – S/T - track listing:

1. Black Canvas
2. Mirrors
3. Orbits
4. The Eyes Of Regret
5. Draining Sun
6. Red Desert Lullaby
7. The Withered
8. Commiserate


DEAF EYES, started as a side project of experimental psych prog metal group Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, was born in 2013 to explore obscure experimental sounds and atmospheres, a monolithic approach to hard and heavy riffs with a "delayed research" of alternative vibes mixed in a psychedelic mood. Think to a blend of PELICAN, RUSSIAN CIRCLES, BREACH and a heavy version of GOBLIN. The self-titled debut album has been recorded at Ampire Studio (Pistoia - Italy) by Stefano Tocci and Deaf Eyes, mastered at Studio 73 (Ravenna - Italy) by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini.




We are big fans of Incoming Cerebral Overdrive here at Sludgelord HQ. Their style of Progressive Psychedelic Metal has won them many fans within the metal community. Now the guys have a new side-project called - Deaf Eyes. An instrumental post-metal band in the vein of Omega Massif, Pelican and Russian Circles. Though you can add the thunderous grooves that ISIS and Neurosis made their names with into the mix.

Deaf Eyes S/T debut album is a stunning post-metal album that is very different to Incoming Cerebral Overdrive. It sees the band exploring their more creative psychedelic personas as Deaf Eyes is a thrilling sound that more than matches the early sounds of Pelican.

The album combines progressive atmospheric sludge metal with an experimental mathcore effect that gives the album a different feel and sound compared to other Instrumental Post-Metal bands. You may think Deaf Eyes don't bring anything new to the genre but I advise you to listen to the album again. As you will miss simple noises and effects playing in the background that have a prominent part to play as much as the heavy epic riffs that mostly take centre stage. It's the albums small hidden things that makes the album such a thrilling and exciting experience to listen to. Deaf Eyes dare to be different to other bands.

The album can be very cold-hearted and emotionally distant at times especially on songs such as The Withered, Red Desert Lullaby and The Eyes of Regret. It feels the album has a sense of regret at missing out on certain life opportunities. The album has real intelligence that will make you think with each passing second.

Deaf Eyes move from straight-forward post-metal riffs to the crazier mathcore noisy sounds that will delight and frustrate listeners in equal measure. Deaf Eyes have created a bold and unsettling album that will take a few attempts to fully understand the album. The instrumental work is expertly played through out. If you want an album to become emotionally involved and make you apart of the overall experience then Deaf Eyes is going to impress you in a huge way. It's a fantastic sounding album, as the volume levels stay vibrant and loud through out the 36 minute running time. All in all, Deaf Eyes have released an excellent debut album that will go down a storm with the atmospheric sludge/post-metal fanbase.

Thanks to Gero and Barbara at Argonauta Records for sending us a promo to review. Deaf Eyes S/T will be released on CD/DD from November 10th.

Words by Steve Howe

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