Thursday 23 October 2014

Deconstructing Sequence - Access Code EP - The Sludgelord Exclusive Stream

The roots of Deconstructing Sequence go back to the band Northwail which played a form of black/death metal with strong progressive influences. After two studio albums (“Enigma” in 2008 and “Cold Season” in 2011) the band split-up due to artistic differences. Band members Morph and Tiberius who wanted to explore further progressive and avant-garde regions of extreme music formed Deconstructing Sequence, which is an expansion of the idea going beyond borders of metal. The band performs music inspired by extreme metal bands (i.e. Emperor, Akercocke, Nile), progressive and avant-garde groups (i.e. Arcturus, Dødheimsgard, Aborym) and post-rock music (i.e. God is an Astronaut), creating a mix of technique, atmosphere and brutality described as Extreme Progressive Art. DS was joined by J. Nerexo of Shadows Land, who as a drummer fitted perfectly the band’s new, more aggressive, twisted and progressive style. The result of this collaboration was "Year One” EP , mixed and mastered in April 2013 by Arek "Aro" Jablonski at Monroe Sound Studio, which was the cornerstone of a whole new level of artistic freedom. July 2014 brings a new release – “Access Code” EP along with a video created by Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13Media, who has previously worked with artists like Mayhem, Deicide, Ava Inferi, Ihsahn, Ulver and Summoning.

The Sludgelord has teamed up with Against PR to bring you this exclusive stream of 'Access Code'.  Check out it below.

'Access Code' EP track listing

1). “A Habitable World Is Found”
2). “We Have The Access Code”

The Band: 
Morph (ex Nortwail) | guitar, vocals, sequencing and synthesis.
Tiberius (ex Northwail) | lead guitar, bass, vocals.
J. Nerexo (Shadows Land) | drum arrangements and session recordings.

The EP is available direct from the band and can purchased here:

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