Friday 17 October 2014

Textures - 'Polars' 10th Anniversary European Tour

With their fifth album in the works, Textures will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut album ‘Polars’ this year. On account of this special occasion they will be playing an exclusive headline tour through Europe in October 2014, during which the band will be performing the debut album in its entirety, supplemented with songs from their other albums.

In 2004 Textures made a blast into the metal scene with their debut album ‘Polars’. Inspiring later bands like Periphery, Tesseract and Monuments, their state of the art combination of diverse metal styles would pave the way for new genres as modern-, prog-, math-metal and djent.

In honor of this, Textures will be releasing ‘Polars’ exclusively on vinyl for the first time. ‘Polars’ is still the only missing vinyl record in the 4-album discography of the band. Also the band will be releasing new ‘Polars’ related merchandise. Items can be purchased later this year.

The ‘Polars’ 10th Anniversary Tour marks a last flash-back before the band will head into a new future and a new album cycle with Nuclear Blast Records.

'Polars' 10th Anniversary Tour:

18 October - SHOKO, Madrid, Spain
23 October - UNDERGROUND, Cologne, Germany
24 October - EBULLITION, Bulle, Switzerland
25 October - CCO, Lyon, France
26 October - DAMAGE FESTIVAL, Paris, France
29 October - THE GARAGE, London, UK
30 October - EFFENAAR KZ*, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
31 October - P60*, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Source: Nuclear Blast UK

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