Monday 6 October 2014

Annihilation - The Undivided EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 4/11/2014
Label: Self Released

‘The Undivided’ EP track listing

1). The Undivided...(02:18)
2). Holographic Paradigm (06:40)
3).Transcending Consciousness (05:53)
4). Feeding the Void (04:52)
5). The Great Cycle (04:27)
6). ...Wholeness... (03:22)


Portugal’s most recognised death metal act, Annihilation, are self-releasing their new EP The Undivided on November 4th, 2014. Founded in early 2004, this six-track release of overpowering metal is the band’s follow-up to the 2010 debut, Against The Storm (Copro/Casket Records). A single from the EP, “The Great Cycle”, was released as a digital download a few months ago and a lyric video.

The band's founder Fabio Da Silva released the following statement about the EP:

"We are proud to announce the release of our new EP The Undivided. Consisting of six songs, the EP is a precursor to our next full-length which will be one song connected by three parts. We have been working on these songs for the last two years and there is a big evolution between this EP and our first album Against The Storm. The songs are more technical, dissonant and intricate then our debut album. Lyrically, I spent a lot of time researching and working on the lyrics. The EP and the album focus on my vision about humanity as energy beings all connected to one source of energy. One conscious entity that connects all beings into one.  An entity that has been separated from his source and originated the human species, the voyage of part of that consciousness when the human being faces death and finally connects again with the source."

The Band:

Fábio Silva | Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Nuno Costa | Lead Guitar
Diogo Silva | Bass / Back Vocals
Ita dos Santos | Drums


Annihilation return, after their re-issue of ‘Against the Storm’ earlier this year, with this vicious EP comprising six tracks of (barring the drone intro) very unusual death metal. This release is precursor to their impending Full Length

Unique it certainly is. After the title track intro, ‘Holographic Paradigm’ surprised me hugely with slow sludge type metal giving way to blast beats, to tech-death worthy of Schuldiner himself! Over six and a half minutes is a long time in death metal, but these Portuguese masters make the time fly with twists and turns, bass and drums only sections and a very old school feel to the sound and riffs.

‘Transcending Consciousness’ is close to six minutes (with a one minute intro) of mayhemic death metal. Lots of rhythmical changes, growled vocals, thrash beats, breakdown sections... there is so much going on. Great jazz feel to the drums in places too- Cynic eat your hearts out!

The overall feel of the record is hard to place- it reminded me of something like Pestilence or even Morbid Angel at the more experimental end of their work; but really this is highly odd stuff with a unique stamp. Listen to ‘Feeding the Void’ if you want proof. ‘The Great Cycle’ is dramatic and rhythmically unusual as well as being lightning fast in places. ‘Wholeness’ completes (!) the record with a sound effect laden outro.

I really am intrigued to see where they go with their next release- it's the kind of thing that would have been called avant garde years ago (a bit like Celtic Frost were). There is a lot of music on offer here and this is not straightforward death metal by any stretch of the imagination. In places, it isn't death metal as you would normally describe it at all. That alone means you should check it out. Behold, a band pushing the boundaries of the genre and doing so with a good grasp on what made the genre great to begin with.

Words by: Richard Maw

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