Monday 6 October 2014

Live Review: Black Moth/Limb – Manchester Roadhouse – 3rd October 2014

Through the course of this year, there have been some excellent records released. In addition to a plethora of top notch albums, there has been a rock album at number one in the form of ‘Royal Blood’. Whilst seeing that record at number one was great for rock music, it’s a shame that bands such as Limb and particularly Black Moth are overlooked. That is not a slight on Limb, as they put in a powerhouse performance in Manchester that showcased their 2014 self-titled release excellently. The harsh vocal style of the band may be a test for some people, which essentially means that mainstream airplay will be non-existent. Put that impassioned vocal delivery aside though, and you have some fine doom laden riffs that mix well with a tight stoner rock groove. The band also has a great side line in sludge, too. The mix is devastating; and in the tight surroundings of Manchester’s Roadhouse, there was no escaping the sound amongst white light and dry ice.

With Limb delivering a great set, Black Moth had a hard act to follow. I’ve followed Black Moth for several years and never had the chance to see them live. Their affiliation with Jim Sclavunos is another thing that draws me to the band. Their latest album, ‘Condemned to Hope’, is a superb album that could bother many a rock radio station should it be given the time. Whether the band needs/wants that attention is another matter, I just believe that more people should be listening to this band.

Dominic Walsh (C)

The five piece strode onto stage and crashed into ‘Tumbleweave’; the opening track from their latest album. The set was made up of many of the tracks from that fantastic album. ‘The Undead King of Rock & Roll’ is a chugging monster, and the sinister delivery of ‘Looner’ serve as a great display of the record. Harriet Bevan’s vocal delivery of ‘Looner’ was one of the standout moments of the night as she slowly stalked the stage with a swagger, sway and a sass that made for a thrilling mix on stage. As well as tracks from ‘Condemned to Hope’, the band paid plenty of regard to their 2012 debut album; ‘The Killing Jar’. ‘Chicken Shit’s spiky and driving guitars are emphatic, and the rolling ‘Blackbirds Fall’ was another highlight.

Black Moth have just announced a European tour, so if you live on the continent and are reading this, see if they are going to be appearing in a town near you. They’re one of England’s best kept secrets…make sure you shout about them and let the secret out. As for English fans, the band take up one of the slots on the fantastic Damnation Festival line up amongst an eclectic mix of some of the finest bands metal has to offer. Their showing in Manchester means that I will certainly be snapping up the chance to go see the band again.

Words by: Dominic Walsh