Monday 18 May 2015

Castle - 'Deadhand Hexagram' 7inch (Review)

Album Type: 7inch
Date Released: 30/04/2015
Label: Ván Records

‘Deadhand Hexagram’ 7inch track listing:

1). Deadhand Hexagram
2). Be My Ghost (Reprise)


Traditional doom/heavy metal straight out of the US North West, this two track single wastes no time in laying down a lovely organic bass driven production. The riffing is Sabbath by way of Dio as are the vocals (which soar beautifully in places)  and phrasing. “Deadhand Hexagram” is an excellent four minutes plus of occult themed melodrama with time changes and catchy riffs throughout.

 The B-side “Be My Ghost Reprise” treads different territory with a clean guitar opening and sterling vocal from Liz Blackwell (who delivers on every level on this release). The track has strings too courtesy of Uta Plotkin which create a very melancholy atmosphere. As a taster of the band, this single works very well, showing both their melody and heaviness. In fact, it really made me want to explore their discography and get hold of more material. This fine and unusual stuff- most definitely heavy metal, most definitely doom, but not retro per se- Castle tread their own path. Give it a try and hear for yourself.

Words by: Richard Maw:

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