Tuesday 26 May 2015

Klone - 'Here Comes The Sun' (Album Review)

Type: Full-length 
Date Released: 6/04/2015
Label: Pelagic Records

‘Here Comes The Sun’ CD//DD//LP track List:

3.Gone Up In Flames
4.The Drifter
7.Grim Dance
8.Come Undone
9.The Last Experience
10.Summertime (cover)

Klone is:

Guillaume Bernard | Guitars
Matthieu Metzger | Samples, keyboards, saxophone
Yann Ligner | Vocals
Jean-Etienne Maillard | Bass
Florent Marcadet | Drums
Aldrick Guadagnino | Guitars


This French progressive metal power house has a very unique sound, and it shines through in spades on their new record ‘Here Comes The Sun’.  Active since 1995 this is their tenth release. Most of their records could easily stand up next to releases from other bands such as Deftones, Tool, or Isis, as there is always an atmospheric feel with a heavier foundation. On this new record however, there is more focus on atmosphere and texture, which really makes it an easy record to enjoy.
This isn't your typical straight forward drums, guitar, bass, and vocals... there are lots of other dynamic sounds as well. Keyboards, winds, and textural effects play a huge part on this record. One characteristic that really stood out to me was the production quality. This record has a very distinct shimmer, and in my opinion is superbly mixed. Being a drummer I also noticed the crisp, deep, and warm snare tone immediately. Most bands don't seem to realize the drum sound is what makes or breaks a record....but Klone certainly does. 

Normally I'm not a huge fan of this genre, but these guys seem to have a fresh perspective on not only this style of metal, but on themselves. It sounds like Klone has gone through a sort of transformation from a progressive, almost nu-metal sound...to an atmospheric groove metal approach. If either of those terms doesn’t appeal to you, I would not listen to this record. But, if you enjoy spacial yet earthy soundscapes layered with haunting vocals and driving riffs, you should find a place in your catalog for this record. As a whole, this record is on the somber side and came across as fairly reflective as well. Not something I would put on if you're feeling extremely happy....but not a bad choice if you're in thinking mode and getting some serious work done. This is a must have for fans of progressive, alternative, and groove metal!

Words by: Joel Willis

‘Here Comes the Sun’ is available here

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