Saturday 9 May 2015

Ten Foot Wizard - Sleeping Volcanoes (Album Review)

Sleeping Volcanoes cover art

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: May 18th 2015
Label: Self Released

Sleeping Volcanoes - Track Listing:

1.Through This World
2.On We Go
3.Up & Away
4.Railway Shuffle
5.I Miss The Sex
6.Walk The Planck
7.Covered In Tits
8.Mind Control
9.Ode To Death

Band Members

Adam - Guitar
Gary - Vocals/Guitar
Jonny - Drums
Emlyn – Bass


A juggernaut of power blues stoner rock, milked from the beard of Zeus! - Grooving on a more cosmic perspective with an ecclesiastical guerrilla.


Ten Foot Wizard is back with their 2nd album - Sleeping Volcanoes. Almost 2 years since they released their acclaimed debut album – Return To The Infinite. If you're not familiar with Ten Foot Wizard then where have you been all this time? If you're a fan of good old fashioned Blues Rock driven Heavy Stoner Rock/Metal in the vein of Clutch. Though this album is more blues rock focused than its predecessor. There is still a ton of heavy Stoner Rock riffs for you to discover it's that their previous album was way heavier. That's not a bad thing as this album is a fantastic album in its own right.

Ten Foot Wizard is more focused on this album and they finally start to create their own identity. The opening two tracks - Through This World and On We Go - features crisp vocals and heavy bluesy Stoner Rock riffs that offer a refreshing change within the UK Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Scene. Ten Foot Wizard play to their strengths on the album as they leave out all the progressive rock theatrics for other bands to deal with. Sleeping 'Volcanoes is the album that Ten Foot Wizard need to come out with. They could have made an exact duplicate of their celebrated debut album but they went for something different.

Classic 70s Rock given a more modern 21st Century Blues/Stoner Rock makeover. On We Go feels like the band delivering a history lesson of how British Hard Rock has evolved over the last 50 years or so. I mean that as a compliment as Ten Foot Wizard have managed to capture a lot of different moods within the songs 7 minute run time. Third track - Up And Away - has a more QOTSA style vibe especially with the vocals and riffs towards the end of the song. If you dig QOTSA classic - Go With The Flow - then you will find much to enjoy here. I know I did but I still admire the band for writing a tune influenced by the legendary Desert Rock Scene.

Fourth track - Railway Shuffle - is back to normal heavy Bluesy Stoner Rock business as this song opens with a slow-paced bluesy riff. It has echoes of 70s Classic Rock once again but I think that's part of Ten Foot Wizard's sound now. It doesn't take long for the band to offer a more fast-paced approach though the vocals can be very hit and miss at times. I'm not a fan of the Americana inspired vocals but I applaud lead vocalist Gary - for trying something different.

Fifth Track - I Miss The Sex - sees Ten Foot Wizard inject a welcome dose of humour with their own style of heavy blues rock inspired riffs. The band are having way too much fun on this song and no doubt you will too. It's one of the albums standout tracks as Ten Foot Wizard offer the right balance between slow and fast paced riffs. The rest of the album becomes more of a blur as Ten Foot Wizard blast there way through some spectacular bluesy moments with more great humour to match. Covered In Tits being another superb song to check out.

Ten Foot Wizard leave the best two songs for last - Mind Control and Ode To Death. Both lasting 6:30 mins and 9:30 minutes respectively. It sees Ten Foot Wizard throw caution to the wind and unleash one heavy barrage of riffs and vocals that brings back memories from their debut album. As Ten Foot Wizard even offer bleak soundbytes on Mind Control for a hypnotic tale of despair and destruction. The production on the album is superb through out as the album showcases what a great band Ten Foot Wizard actually is. I'm not going to lie, I do prefer their debut album to Sleeping Volcanoes but that doesn't stop the fact that this album is another superb release from Ten Foot Wizard.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Ten Foot Wizard for the promo. Sleeping Volcanoes will be released on May 18th 2015.

Words by Steve Howe

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