Saturday 30 May 2015

Hell Night / Cathedral Fever Split EP (Review)

Hell Night Cathedral Fever Split cover art

Album Type: Split EP
Date Released: May 02nd 2015
Label: Pissfork Anticulture

Hell Night Cathedral Fever Split - Track Listing:

1.Internal Bleeding (Hell Night) 02:35
2.Head Bag (Hell Night) 02:23
3.Libations Imbibed (Cathedral Fever) 02:15
4.Mansion Symposium (Cathedral Fever) 04:46

Hell Night Band Members:

Mike Craft - vocals
Andy White - Guitar
Eric Eyster - Bass
Adam Arseneau - Drums

Cathedral Fever Members:

Spencer - Drums
Derek - Bass
Jerry - Vocals
David - Guitar


Well this Split EP from Hell Night and Cathedral Fever came very much as a surprise to me. I wasn't expecting much as I didn't know a great deal about both bands. Well apart from that the members of both bands are part of other projects such as TILTS and Path Of Might.

So what do we get here. You get 4 tracks of pissed off Hardcore Punk/Thrash/Stoner Rock riffs with sheer brutality to match. Both bands offer two songs on the split EP. Each showing what both bands are all about. Hell Night's songs are more of the pissed off Hardcore Punk variety but I can detect Andy White's familiar guitar riffs from TILTS so you get a nice sideline in almost Stoner Rock territory. Opening track – Internal Bleeding – is a punk/stoner/thrash hybrid that wants to party with you whilst kicking the utter shit out of you. It's got some fantastic Stoner/Thrash Rock riffs that I didn't expect.

Hell Night second track – Head Bag – carries on the same violent carnage from Internal Bleeding with lead vocalist Mike – having the time of his life on this track. The riffs are the best thing about Hell Night as they're so damn catchy despite the psychotic violent rock carnage that Hell Night ultimately bring to the party!!!

Up next is Cathedral Fever – And this is where things take a more darker and sinister turn as these guys play a more dangerous blend of Stoner/Thrash/Doom/Punk Rock and they're the most exciting of the two bands. No offence to Hell Night as they're a great band but Cathedral Fever are the most exciting of the two bands. As they don't FUCK about here. The two songs – Libations Imbibed and Mansion Symposium – that Cathedral Fever offer here sees the band venture into more violent and dangerous territory. Mansion Symposium is the standout track here as it's a thrilling style of Hardcore Punk, Doom, Stoner and Thrash with traces of Psychedelic Rock lurking in the shadows.

All in all this is great split EP to showcase the talents of two superb bands to check out especially if you're into Dark Aggressive Hardcore Punk. Though I would love to see a full-length record from both bands in the future. Just to see if these guys have the vision and talent to create something more longer on offer here.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks To Andy from Hell Night for the promo. Hell Night Cathedral Fever Split is available to buy on DD and Cassette now from both band's BandCamp page..

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