Saturday 2 May 2015

OUT OF SPACE - Invaders (EP Review)

Invaders cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: April 21st 2015
Label: Self Released

Invaders- Track Listing

1.Bloody Road 03:53
2.Lined Coin 03:53
3.Psycho Jake 05:33
4.Riot 04:22
5.Desert In Bloom 15:52


Nicolas Nguyen : Vocals, Guitars.
Guillaume Hugonot : Bass, Vocals.
Kevin Mendlola : Drums


Out Of Space are a strange hybrid of sounds featuring Space, Grunge, Stoner and Fuzz for one highly charged and hugely entertaining debut EP. Invaders will invade your mind with it's fuzzy riffs and dirty desert rock grooves. Opening track – Bloody Road – is a hard rocking number packed full of intricate progressive riffs which I didn't expect at all. Throw in high amounts of grungy fuzz and Out Of Space are onto a winner here. Nicolas vocals have a slight punk vibe and it's cool to hear his true gruff vocal style of delivery. No studio wizardry here. Just good old fashioned music the way its' meant to be played.

Second track – Lined Coin – is a more grungier affair with a stripped back approach but you can still hear the Stoner and Fuzz elements of the bands music. It even has a psychedelic trippy vibe especially with the guitars. I like how the band keep the sound and atmosphere very lo-fi as it gives a real authenticity to their music. Though you will be too busy enjoy the spacey riffs that Out Of Space have created here. Lined Coin is one of the EP's standout tracks. Definitely worth a few repeat listens or two...

Third Track – Psycho Jake – opens with a slow-paced slightly creepy trippy riff with the band adding different noises with each passing second. When the song finally kicks into life you're transported back into Out Of Space's world where the riffs and vocals combine for another fantastic fuzzy space rock encounter. Out Of Space add a dash of sonic experimentation to the mix as Psycho Jake contains a few glitchy ambient moments spliced with the stoner riffs. It works brilliantly well as it gives Psycho Jake a slight mean spirited vibe.

Fourth Track – Riot – is back to normal lo-fi dirty punk good old fashioned Stoner Rock business. This is another mean and moody track to show Out Of Space have many different sides to them. Though they do know how to write a lean and mean Stoner/Hard Rock track packed with guts and attitude to match. The vocals may falter here and then but you can't deny how good the music actually is.

Last but by no means least is the almost 16 minute monster by the name of – Desert In Bloom – a trippy psychedelic and gigantic exercise in noise and riffs. Out Of Space throw everything at you here: Stoner, Fuzz, Psych, Grunge, Prog Rock and lashes of SPACEY riffs. It may start off very quiet and at a slow pace but give it time as you ain't heard nothing yet. When Out Of Space unleash the heavy carnage then all hell breaks loose. Sounds and rhythms combine for one epic battle. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. This is definitely the best track on the EP. Fantastic stuff!!!

Invaders is a thrilling and action packed EP that I can't recommend highly enough. Excellent stuff. You can buy Invaders on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Awesome. End Of.

Words by Steve Howe

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