Thursday 21 May 2015

Cave of Swimmers - 'Reflection' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-length
Release date: 4/5/2015
Label: Independent

‘Reflection’ CD//DD track listing:

1). The Prince of the Power of the Air
2). The Skull
3). Still Running
4). Reflection (Instrumental)
5). The Prince of the Power of the Air – Single Edit

Cave of Swimmers is:

G.E. Perez | Vocals, Guitar, 6/4 Bass, Synth
Arturo "Toro" Garcia | Drums, Percussion, Vocals 


This intensely creative two piece, although native Venezuelans, originate from Miami, Florida. Cave of Swimmers has one of the most original sounds in the doom metal world. Mixing doom with progressive metal, hints of hard rock, psychedelia, face melting riffs, and over all bad-assery...their newest release, ‘Reflection’, is sure to impress.

Among the many influences that make up their unique sound, the most noticeable being an operatic vocal style, the listener will surely find themselves being taken through many sonic destinations on this album. My personal favorite track (and the longest on the record)’The Skull’, starts with a dreamy sound scape, then warps into a crazy detuned space demon vortex riff...only to morph yet again into spacey acoustic and reflective phrases that are very calming...but don't get too comfortable, for this is the beginning of the sonic journey through ‘The Skull’. On the track ‘Still Running’, there is even some funk with a sort of afro-cuban feel added in. For a two piece, these guys sound huge and are both extremely talented.

What impressed me the most was the drumming on this album. It is by far some of the best I've heard in a long time...especially in the world of re hashed doom riffs. Toro does a great job keeping it fresh from one song to the next, blending just the right amount of technicality with brute force and power. Guillermo is equally talented on the guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals bringing in bitchin' heavy riffs from all directions, seemingly moving mountains, or anything else in his path for that matter.

All I can say is, after never listening to them yet hearing of them from friends, and now having heard ‘Reflection’....I'm a huge fan. If I ever get the privilege to see them live, that would undoubtedly be an awesome and unforgettable experience. This album is truly an epic face melter. If I could sum it up in three words, they would be: Refreshing, Captivating, and BADASS! Just put it on and shut up. I told you so.

Words by: Joel Willis

‘Reflection’ is available here

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