Tuesday 12 May 2015

Panzerbastard/Rawhide - 'Black Hearts and White Lines' Split 7inch (Review)

Album Type: 7inch
Date Released: 22.05/2015
Label: Unholy Anarchy,
Anvileater Records

‘Black Hearts and White Lines’ Split 7inch/DD track listing:

1. PanzerBastard - Death Control
2. PanzerBastard - The Grand Bargain
3. PanzerBastard - They Sing Death
4. Rawhide - Devil's Grip
5. Rawhide - Backstabber


With tracks around the two minute mark from both bands I was not expecting a prog rock release with a sci-fi story line. It turns out that I was right not to expect that. Panzerbastard from Boston play fast and furious thrash/hardcore/punk. No messing about, the band sound like Motorhead crossed with Agnostic Front- just hear “Death Control” for proof. It is loud, fast and raw. Their three tracks speed by in a blur of anger- great stuff. Sweden's Rawhide also put the pedal to the metal, but by way of Motorhead crossed with, perhaps, Social Distortion. “Devil's Grip” is a great track and the longest song on this split 7” with a bluesy solo too. Simply put, this is hugely enjoyable and gave me what I like: loud and fast street rock n roll. Excellent.

Words by: Richard Maw

‘Black Hearts and White Lines’ is available here and here

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