Tuesday 19 May 2015

Hyperwülff - Volume 1: Erion Speaks (Album Review)

Volume 1: Erion Speaks cover art

Album Type: Full-length
Date Released: 14th May 2015
Label: Death Crush, Taxi Driver, Icore and Shove records

Volume 1: Erion Speaks- Track Listing:

1.Impactor/White Heat 03:52
2.Hyperwülff 01:43
3.Robogoat 04:28
4.Entering 02:37
5.20 Pillar 08:19
6.In Ruins 01:31
7.Raging Hunger 07:56
8.Several Bones 04:37


The Wülff: drums, fists & drones
The Sarge: strings, nerves & throats


Alone stood the spirit of the Hyperwülff, deprived of his worldly body. Lingering atop the remains of what he could once call Home. Erion IX, the Bearer of Light. Contemplating sparse clouds of dust and errand debris, maddening rage in His eyes. Had he still claws, they would be ripping through those vile hordes; the final act of liberation. Flowing onto His fiery mane. He speaks through fangs.


Hyperwülff debut album - Volume 1: Erion Speaks - is a very strange affair. Parts Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal and with a heavy sideline in atmospheric Space Rock. I featured these guys last year when they released their excellent demo release which had me on the edge of my seat. I'm happy to report that Volume 1: Erion Speaks is a stunning debut album.

The band has re-recorded a few tracks from their well-received demo release along with entirely new songs. Hyperwülff are very hard to describe and that's a good thing. If you're a fan of Red Fang, High On Fire, Kyuss, Sabbath and Ufomammut then you should dig this great band. The album doesn't fit into one specific genre but takes elements from different parts and creates a distorted cosmic experience with harsh vocals running through out. The album only runs for a brisk 35 mins but it contains a wide range of ideas, emotions and heavy riffs you wouldn't expect.

It's hard to believe that Hyperwülff is actually duo as the band sounds they have more than two members in their ranks. Opening track - Impactor White Heat - is a straight forward Sludge/Stoner affair with grizzled drums and guitars creating an angry Mastodon style atmosphere. The vocals comprise of hardcore based growls which adds an extra sense of violent anger to the mix. The guitars firmly rest in the highly volatile Sludge/Stoner Metal camp with the band creating a dangerous world for the cosmic spacey riffs that will become the main focus of attention later on in the album.

Second track - Hyperwülff - has a more direct Punk based approach with the band adopting a faster approach to their music. The vocals and riffs lie firmly in the Sludge Metal field just with a more punk based aggression. The drumming is the real standout here as drummer - plays for his life here. The vocals are harsh and engaging as they draw you into the sonic battle going on around you.

Third track - Robogoat - sees the band adding a sense of humour to the mix and venturing into Stoner Metal territory as the riffs and vocals become less violent and more approachable in tone and structure. Hyperwülff start changing into cosmic space rockers for the rest of the album as 4th track - Entering - sees the band adding atmospheric noises with slow paced riffs. It's an unforgiving song that packs a lot of emotions despite the short running time. The instrumental work is highly impressive with waves of ambient/space rock riffs drifting all around you.

This leads upto the albums best track - 20 Pillar - an epic 8:19 minute sonic musical odyssey which sees the band explore their cosmic identity on a grander scale. It's a heavy affair with vocals drifting in and out with Hyperwülff focusing more on the ambient noises and doomy based riffs. It's a thrilling encounter that reminds me of Ufomammut or Mastodon when they venture into Space Rock. This is the real Hyperwülff in my eyes as it shows the world what they fully can do once they're in full flight. The album becomes more of an exciting experience as different sounds and emotions draw you in.

The albums remaining 3 tracks remain in the Space Rock world though with harsher aspects of Sludge/Stoner Metal still appear to cause a more fragile environment especially on Raging Hunter, another epic track the band have created to test your nerves with. Final track - Several Bones - is a direct Sludge/Stoner metal affair with the band returning to their aggressive roots. Hyperwülff have come full circle on the album by ending where they started at.

Volume 1: Erion Speaks is an impressive debut album from this highly talented duo. If you want something epic on a grand scale then this is the album for you. Hyperwülff are another superb band to check out from the Italian Sludge/Stoner Metal scene. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Hyperwülff and Taxi Driver Records for the promo. Volume 1: Erion Speaks is now available to buy on CD/DD. Hopefully someone will pick this up for a Vinyl Release as it's screaming out for it.

Words by Steve Howe

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