Friday 8 May 2015

Taken By The Sun - 'Taken By The Sun' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 24/02/2015
Label: Self Released

Taken By The Sun CD//DD track listing:
1). Scars
2). Demons Tempt The Dying Man With Crowns
3). Fuse
4). Red
5). Detached
6). Volatile
7). Confessions Of An Opium Eater
8). Ornaflux

Taken By The Sun is:

William Arroyo | bass
Patrick Auclair | guitars, vocals
Justin Cape | drums
Mark Cichra | guitars, vocals
Kris Ziemlo | vocals 


Chicago-based post-metal band, Taken by the Sun, has truly made a record that pushes the genre forward; this self-titled album is dense with different styles and experimentation. It is 8 tracks of pure originality and it is rare to find this level of innovation. I heard different opinions about what this album was like, mostly what was said is that it contains “a bit of everything."

Now, whenever I hear a statement like that, I am skeptical but in this case it is absolutely true. This album pushes and tempers what doom and stoner metal is. The opener “Scars” starts with some crowd chants which cut in and out between the fury that is Kris Zielmlo’s vocals. Later on these quick cuts turn to silence which builds an immense amount of tension and moves the track into some great aggressive moments. I really enjoy the backup vocals on this track and how they keep the music together, it’s a nice touch. The second track “Demons Tempt the Dying Man with Crowns” has a grindy nature to it but leaves an impact with an end of the world doom section that brings the track to its end. My favorite track on the album is “Fuse”; it has the most to offer on this record. It clocks in around seven minutes and I’d like to think it showcases what this band can do. The leads are amazing and it has such a great stoner metal feel to it. There’s a lot of experimenting during this track, they eventually jump into a blue grassy type of riff and from then on the band introduces some great softer vocal work. The track ends with a great build up from some spacey guitar riffs.

“Red” sticks out on this album but it’s still a very jammy track. It starts off with some chugging on the guitar and opens into a more marching feel but it turns into a very satisfying doom riff. This track is extremely diverse. “Detached” pushes their experimenting further with crazy guitar work; good headphones really show off what’s going on during these sections. “Volatile” is more of a forward moving track and has a post metal feel to it. There are some big sections and a very nice guitar solo. “Confessions of an Opium Eater” is an instrumental track that ties in with the final track “Ornaflux”. I love how these tracks work together, at first it feels like you’re getting a break from all the heaviness but you’re just blasted with a wall of sound. The vocals really shine on this track and you get to really hear Kris Zielmlo’s range. Overall it’s a great closer for the album.

Taken by the Sun’s self-titled album is eight tracks of greatness. You will not be disappointed with a single second of this record. I recommend it to anyone who loves metal because of how diverse this album is but if you want to get a feel for how the band sounds give “Fuse” a listen. This album will take you by surprise and will become an instant favorite.

Words by: Jihad Nasser

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