Tuesday 5 May 2015

Sativa Root - 'Dark Days' EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 13/03/2015
Label: Self Released

‘Dark Days’ DD track listing:

1). Dark Days
2). La Bestia

Sativa Root is:

Stonerhead | Guitar
Isaak | Drums
Fant | Bass 


Sativa Root, purveyors of finely crafted doom instrumentals are back with another short trip, entitled 'Dark Days'. The Austrian trio (who's guitar player goes by the fantastic monicker of 'Stonerhead') know their way around a riff and this two track EP offers a taste of where they're heading.

The title track kicks things off with a murkey, low-fi bass riff, one that inspires a slow doom headbang. The only flicker of melody on offer is a haunting lead guitar that drifts in and out of the track. It's all led by simple yet entirely effective Electric Wizard-esque drumming.

The pace is quickened with second track 'La Bestia'. A barrage of crunchy, fuzzy riffs ebb and flow under some impressive lead guitar work. The riffing opens up and the space the band create (aided by the lack of vocals) makes the whole thing sound suitably huge.

This EP did exactly what all great EP's do. It was all over far too quickly and it left you wanting so much more. It's a very strong indication of what this band is capable of producing which is trippy, heavy, melodic doom music that remains interesting even without vocals, something few bands can pull off. If you're new to heavy instrumental music, this a fine place to start. If this is your thing, prepare to be left hungry for more.

Words by: Rhys Miles

‘Dark Days’ is available here

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