Wednesday 6 May 2015

Entrails - 'Obliteraton' (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 19/05/2015
Label: Metal Blade Records

‘Obliteration’ CD//DD//LP track listing:

1. No Cross Left Unturned
2. Epitome of Death
3. Beyond the Flesh
4. The Grotesque
5. Obliterate
6. Skulls
7. Midnight Coffin
8. Bonestorm
9. Abyss of Corpses
10. Re-Animation of the Dead

Entrails are:

Joakim Svensson | Vocals/Bass
Jimmy Lundqvist | Guitars
Pontus Samuelsson | Guitars
Adde Mitroulis | Drums


Swedish death metal of the highest quality. That pretty much sums up this raging release of true death, but let's also look a little further...

From the ominous tolling bell intro to the last track, this is a release that is the epitome of Swe-Death. The excellent “No Cross Left Unturned” is a rager- blast beats, thrash beats, throat shredding in the Petrov style; all the ingredients are here. The production is stellar too- chainsaw guitars are present and correct the drums pound with an old school sensibility and the bass has that gritty rumble that it should have. Seriously, if this had been released back in 1991 it would have been an instant classic. As it is, it is two and a half decades on, but can still be held up as a classic of the Swedish death metal genre.

The very aptly named “Epitome of Death” is another aural feast. The pace starts at Bolt Thrower speed but things pick up for a truly killer chorus. The riffs stick in your head, the lyrics do too; the whole thing is an exercise in how to make extreme music that is listenable. The album continues with thrashing death such as “Beyond The Flesh”, mid paced filth such as “The Grotesque” and the more thrashy title track. There is lumbering  and mid paced death/doom in such tracks as “Skulls” to go along with the more neck snapping moments. “Midnight Coffin” is a fine example of the slow start, faster verse/half time memorable chorus and so on. It is a fine example of good song writing with knowing nods to what has gone before.

“Bonestorm” and “Abyss of Corpses” keep things weighty and death obsessed. Although the latter is very quick in places, I noticed that there are not that many out and out moments of speed on this record- the mid pace or thrash tempos that are often used by the band work extremely well and again highlight the fact that fast does not always equal heavy. Certainly, it does not often equal original or memorable. “Re-animation of the Dead” closes this very strong release in some style. Essentially, Entrails have produced an excellent metal record here. It is certainly the best death metal album I have heard this year and one that made me play it through again immediately after my first listen. That doesn't happen with death metal to often- particularly as some records are a trial to even get through in one sitting.

Entrails offer up riffs, style and atmosphere in spades. They also offer up song writing that is excellent and not often equalled in this genre. If you wish Entombed were still around in the form that they were in 1992, or yearn for a Dismember reformation then this album is a must. Hell, if you even once played Slaughter of The Soul and quite liked it then you should check this record out. It's superb.

Words by: Richard Maw

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