Wednesday 27 May 2015

ALLFATHER - No Gods. No Masters. (EP Review)

No gods. No masters. cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: April 02nd 2015
Label: Self Released

No Gods. No Masters. - Track Listing:

1.The Great Destroyer 03:26
2.No Justice / No Peace 03:49
3.Post-Austerity Blues 01:22
4.The Worms Won't Have Us 02:14


Andrew – guitar
Alan – guitar
Tom – vocals
Matt – bass
Kieron – drums


Allfather: bringing sludge metal/hardcore aggression from the black heart of the Medway Delta.


Allfather's debut EP – No Gods. No Masters. - feels like a statement of intent than an EP. Allfather play pissed off Hardcore/Sludge Metal with a heavy aggressive outlook on life. It's bleak, it's mean, it's loud and Allfather are pissed off at everyone in the world.

The EP only lasts for 11 minutes or so. Thought that's enough time to show you what Allfather can do. The songs carry the familiar style of hardcore breakdown grooves and sludge metal riffs but it's the message that Allfather carry out that make this such a fascinating EP to listen to. These guys are from the UK and the political atmosphere is very bleak to say the least. Allfather I feel, have managed to capture the nations mood with the UK political system especially on Post-Austerity Blues. And that makes them a very dangerous band to listen to.

Opening track – The Great Destroyer – is a perfect example on how to open the EP with. A strong message of individuality against the ruling masses trying to keep people under control who think differently to themselves. Hard-hitting stuff with brutal riffs to match.

Do yourself a favour and check this out now as Allfather are onto something here. Some of the production on the EP is very punk based but it matches the mood that Allfather are trying to create here. I want to see what Allfather can do with a longer EP or full length record as 11 minutes is not enough for a band such as this. I will definitely be keeping an eye on these guys. Check them out now as their debut EP is available on BandCamp Buy Now.

Words by Steve Howe

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