Wednesday 27 May 2015

Space Metal - S/T (Album Review)

SpaceMetal cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: April 2015
Label: Self Released
SpaceMetal – S/T - Track Listing:

1.Wing of the Praetor 05:46
2.The Millipede 04:17
3.Asphyxiation 06:05
4.Strong Tongue 04:36
5.Sapien 02:37
6.Exodus 07:35
7.Frozen Eye 05:02
8.Warrior From The Future 03:03
9.Witness to the Witch 06:11
10.Terra Cat 05:10
11.Uranus 01:25


Vocals | Travis Acosta
Bass | Rob Norton
Drums | Chris Kain
Guitar | Chris Trentecosta
Guitar | John Maracich


I could of started this review with a crappy joke or pun to Science Fiction movies to describe Space Metal's music. Though that would be an insult to this great band as these guys fucking flat our rock. If you're into all things HEAVY AND LOUD within the Stoner Metal world then Space Metal is the band for you.

Space Metal combine Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal, Doom and a nice sideline in Sci-fi folklore. It's a very different album compared to the other Stoner Metal albums currently out there. Opening track – Wing Of The Praetor – is a heavy slice of Sci-fi vibes mixed with modern Stoner Metal fury played at a fast pace with a few sublime touches of sci-fi based noises and synths. The vocals and riffs draw you in for the next hour or so as Space Metal are a band with purpose and hard rocking energy.

Second Track – The Millipede – offers more of the same Stoner Metal riffs with a slight nod to Orange Goblin and Thin Lizzy. I can detect a NWOBHM influence within the vocals and that's one of the albums strengths in trying something different and pulling it off with vast amounts of style. I forgot to mention these guys are from New Orleans. What.. Wait... - Where's the down-tempo Sludge/Doom Metal. A band focusing on Sci-fi based Stoner Metal. Kudos to Space Metal for venturing into other realms of music as even though I love the NOLA scene. There can only be too many bands that sound like the legendary bands from that area.

Space Metal venture their sound into heavier waters on 3rd track – Asphyxiation. A bleak and more sombre song compared to the other tracks. The riffs are more doomier than here with Space Metal firmly getting into the groove. Some fantastic guitar solos to witness here with a psychedelic rock edge adding a more eerie atmosphere. 4th track – Strong Tongue – has a Black Sabbath feel with the band still maintaining their own style of Sci-fi based Doom/Stoner Metal. It's one of the albums more rockier and upbeat numbers that should any Stoner Rock/Metal crowd pumping with excitement.

The 5th track – Sapien – is a 2:30 minute instrumental affair that shows Space Metal are in there element in playing heavy anthemic riffs to show the world what they can do. This leads onto one of the albums strongest track – Exodus – a brooding doomy guitar and synth laden take on classic 70s Doom/Hard Rock. The album does take a few moments to spring into life though before then you're treated to some deftly played instrumental work by Space Metal. The vocals become slightly dark and dangerous where you're transported to another world. Exodus is definitely the best track on the album as it shows you what Space Metal is all about.

The 2nd half of the album matches the hard-rocking excitement of the first half especially on tracks such as Frozen Eye, Warrior From The Future and Terra Cat. The other fun you can have with the album is too spot the numerous sci-fi references amongst the song titles and lyrics. Believe me, there's a ton of them where I lost count. Space Metal have delivered a stunning debut album to get them noticed within the Doom/Stoner Metal community.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks To Space Metal for the promo. The album is available to buy now DD from Bandcamp and CD from CDBaby.

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