Saturday 30 May 2015

Mos Generator / Stubb - The Theory Of Light & Matter Split (Review)

Album Type: Split Album
Date Released: June 22nd 2015
Label: Hevisike Records

The Theory Of Light & Matter - Track Listing:

1. Mos Generator - 'As Above So Below'
2. Mos Generator - 'Catspaw'
3. Mos Generator - 'There's No Return From Nowhere'
4. Stubb - 'Priestess of The Moon'
5. Stubb - 'The Wingmakers'
6. Stubb - 'Witch's Kiss'

Mos Generator Band Members:

TONY REED / guitar, vocals, keyboards, assorted instruments (stone axe, treepeople, goodbye harry, twelve thirty dreamtime.
SEAN BOOTH / bass (Special Guests, Inifinite Flux, (9999), Second Sun, Drywater)

Stubb Band Members:

Jack Dickinson- Guitar and vocals
Tom Fyfe- Drums
Peter Holland-Bass


Two of Stoner Rock's finest bands team up for one what will surely be one of the finest split Stoner Rock albums of the year. In one corner you have USA Stoner Rock Heavyweights – Mos Generator and in the other corner you have UK Blues/Stoner Rock upstarts – Stubb. Put these two bands together and you have the recipe for a must-have split album called - The Theory Of Light & Matter.

Each band has submitted 3 tracks to the album. Mos Generator's side runs for around 13 minutes or so whilst Stubb runs for an impressive 18 minutes. So you have almost 31 minutes of awesome new music. If you're a fan of both bands then nothing much has changed with the bands sounds as their both recognisable as each other. Though you won't care as this split album just flat out rocks.

Mos Generator opens the album up with – As Above So Below – a song that could be classed as the perfect follow up to – Obi Wan Kenobi – as it has the same sort of Mos Generator magic. Blazing Stoner/Heavy Rock guitars with a nice sideline in 60s/70s Psych Rock. Tony is on fine form once again unleashing his trademark heavy riffs and grizzled fine vocals to match.

Second Track – Catspaw – is a more hard rocking affair with Mos Generator offering a more stripped back approach. It's firmly rooted in 70s Hard Rock with Tony offering more world weary advice. The blues rock aspect is noticeable in the background as the band offer another fine slice of Mos Generator magic.

Third Track – There's No Return From Nowhere – opens with a finely played acoustic guitar solo before Mos Generator venture into Heavy Metal territory as the mood turns rather violent. I've never heard Mos Generator as heavy as this. Tony and co are PISSED OFF and you can feel the unwanted anger and fury. It's another slab of Psychedelic Stoner Metal that may show us the new direction that Mos Generator are planning on going with future releases. And I dig it a great deal. Mos Generator have managed to include a dreamy psych folk rock passage towards the end. If ever a song had multiple personality disorder then this would be it. As the band manage to include many different moods and genres in a short space of time. Definitely the highlight of Mos Generator's side of the split release.

Now time to focus on Stubb's side of the split release. Stubb offer a more bluesy psychedelic take on Stoner Rock compared to Mos Generator. Opening track – Priestess Of The Moon – is a lush psychedelic offering with elements of Blues Rock, Stoner Rock and Space Rock combining for one hypnotic tale. It's more firmly rooted in 60s/70s Hard Rock and Psychedelia but that's what make Stubb such a fantastic band from the UK Hard Rock/Stoner Rock scene. The vocals are perfectly pitched between the different musical elements whilst maintaining an air of originality.

Second Track – The Wingmakers – is another lush psychedelic blues rock offering with the band opening with a slowly played bluesy guitar riff. The drumming adds a sense of calm and wonder as you know this song is going to explode into a loud volume of noise and epic riffs. It's purely an instrumental affair as Stubb show the whole world their musical credentials. Slabs of psych blues rock will leave you in a trance from beginning to end. This is the standout track from Stubb's part of the split album.

Third Track – Witch's Kiss – feels like a love letter to the legendary bands of the 60s/70s Blues Hard Rock scene as Stubb play a familiar style of riffs whilst maintaining their own identity. Jack's vocals are the main focus here as he gives an impressive vocal performance. Though the riffs aren't too bad either. Crank this tune as loud as you possibly can as there's some fantastic instrumental work to worship to.

Kudos to both bands for teaming up for such a great record. And to Hevisike Records for releasing this. The Theory Of Light & Matter is an album that has it all. Two killer bands playing some of their heaviest and finest material to date. It doesn't matter type of music you're into, don't pass this by as this is a must have release. No question!!!

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks To Hevisike Records for the promo. The Theory Of Light & Matter will be released on Vinyl from Hevisike Records on June 22nd 2015.

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