Saturday 9 May 2015

My Sleeping Karma - Moksha (Album Review)

My Sleeping Karma

Napalm Records
29 May 2015

Moksha Tracklisting:

1. Prithvi
2. Interlude 1
3. Vayu
4. Interlude 2
5. Akasha
6. Interlude 3
7. Moksha
8. Interlude 4
9. Jalam
10. Interlude 5
11. Agni

The band:

Seppi - guitars
Matte - bass guitar
Steffen - drums
Norman - soundboard


To say My Sleeping Karma floored me with their previous album 'Soma', is definitely the understatement of the century. An unknown band to me at the time, these four guys from Aschaffenburg, Germany, have been with me ever since because 'Soma' quickly turned into a go-to band for me. What i mean is regardless what frame of mind I'm in, My Sleeping Karma rstores the calm in me, they bring order solace. They pick me up when I'm down and they inspire me when I get stuck and can't move forward. What more can you ask for in life? Therefore, I was more than thrilled to be given this opportuniy to listen to and review their fifth opus, 'Moksha'.

Never before has an album lived up so much to it's title than 'Moksha'. Taken from Indian religions and philosophies, it means emancipation, liberation or release and that's exactly what My Sleeping Karma's new wax brings. Every time I listen to it, I feel set free, invigorated, happy and like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Why I don't play it every day before work is beyond me, since it would make each day so much better. Oh well, I might learn one of these days...right!

Built up like it's predecessor, 'Moksha' consists of "regular" songs and interludes, and the interplay between them is nothing but magic. It keeps the ebb and flow of the songs moving perfeclty, creating wonderous atmospheres. Come to think of it, the music is actually arranged akin to classical music. True, we're talking about instrumental music, where the instruments and the arrangements have to be in such a way that they elegantly and easily convery the story line. And this is where My Sleeping Karma excels. Having always taken inspiration from especially, but not necessarily, Hinduism in their quest for enlightenment, arranging their music just like classical works wonders. That and being amazing musicians!

Retaining their transcendental, psychedelic and hypnotic sound that I love so much on 'Soma', there is one significant change. Occuring occasionally, the band step off their beautiful magic carpet ride and explode into balls out led-heavy metal. This happens already in opener 'Prithvi' which starts off in full tilt, having me think for a moment that My Sleeping Karma have left their wonderful sound. I couldn't be more wrong! The heavier moments are just added for extra flavour and definitelt heightens the album. I guess it's what you call natural progression and man, it doesn't get much better than this.

What can I say? My SLeeping Karma are one of those rare bands who follows their own path 100% and that's called freedom and liberation. Add excellent instrument skills to this and you have 'Moksha'. Rarely will you find a band or an album this good. We all make our own decisions but I urge you to seek out this band and follow in their foot steps. Your life will be so much better for it!

Words by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Mona, Jon and Andy at Napalm Records for the promo. Moksha will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Napalm Records on 29th May 2015.

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