Saturday 30 May 2015

The Man With The Golden Riffs - An Interview with Thomas Andersson from KAMCHATKA

Kamchatka have been playing their blend of Hard Rock/Blues Rock/Stoner Rock vibes for 14 years now. Since then they've released a string of acclaimed albums with their latest album and 6th overall – Long Road Made Of Gold – being their most diverse and hard rocking yet.
Last year the band released their acclaimed 5th album – The Search Goes On – which we rate very highly here at Sludgelord HQ. I interviewed Thomas from the band back in May 2014 and I've been given the honour once again to interview Thomas (Lead Vox/Guitars) and see how are things with Kamchatka.

So let’s get started.

1 - Hi Thomas. Good catching up with you again. How are things with you today. Thanks for doing this.

-Thomas: Hi Steve and Sludgelord ! All good here and Kamchatka is feeling stronger than ever.

2 – Before we start talking about your new album – Long Road Made Of Gold. Can we talk about the last 18 months or so for Kamchatka as your last album maybe of been your most successful to date. As it won a ton of great reviews and got you noticed with a few more people. Did it surprise you the response to your last album.

-Thomas: Well we knew that we had made a good album with “The Search Goes On” but we didn’t expect the great words from around the world and of course we are very grateful for the warm welcome that it received.

3 – What have been the highlights over the last 18 months or so.

-Thomas: There are many but we have had a really good time touring and growing together, also recording and releasing “Long Road Made Of Gold” and meeting new audience !

4 – Looking back on the last album – Would you change anything about it. Or are you happy with the way it is.

-Thomas: We are happy with it just the way it is.

5 – Now we have to talk about your new album. Wow – what an album that is. Even better than your last record. What can people expect from the new album.

-Thomas: Well I guess that “Long Road Made Of Gold” continues where “The Search Goes On” ended, fuelled with a bit more heavy tunes but still with the same vibe and energy.

6 – I'm surprised you've came out with a new album so soon after your last record. Only 15 months since The Search Goes On was released. Did you plan on taking a break after touring commitments for promoting the last album were completed.
-Thomas: No we never planned anything really we just kept writing music, touring and recording in between tours and all of a sudden a new album was born. Breaks are boring
7 – How soon did you plan on recording – Long Road Made Of Gold – during last year. And was it an easy album to write and record for.

-Thomas: We just decided to record when we had enough music to record and it was really easy to write and record “Long Road Made Of Gold” because we were so inspired from all the positive energy we got from touring and from all the wonderful reviews of “The Search goes On”.
8 – Did you do anything differently when recording this album compared to the last album.

-Thomas: Yes, on the previous album, Per Wiberg was the executive producer and on this new album he was a full time member as bass player and 2nd vocalist and that changed the way we worked together, forming the songs to final versions, maybe a little bit more team effort.

9 – What I dig most about the album is while the Kamchatka sound is still familiar on the album. You've still managed to make it sound so different and exciting as well. Was that your plan to try something different. It features some of your heaviest material to date.

-Thomas: Yes, we decided early on that we wanted the new album to sound different to “The Search Goes On”, not that we don’t like the way that album sounds - it’s more that we always want to push the band in new directions both with the music and the way it sounds like on an album and that is the reason why we wanted Russ Russell to do the mix and master, to evolve and extend the sound of the band.

10 – What influenced you when recording this album. It seems Kamchatka are a lot more angrier which I loved. Or am I looking way too much into the music.

-Thomas: When Per joined, we moved closer rock music than before cause he is all about rock and that is what I like with Kamchatka, that we can tune in to the different elements of different genres yet still sound like ourselves. Angrier? I don’t know. Maybe frustrated sometimes, it’s a tough business ;)

11 – You've performed a lot more gigs over the last 12 months or so. Have you noticed your live shows becoming more popular as I have a few friends who seen you guys last year in concert and they never heard of you guys. But you won them over in the end.

-Thomas: Yes, we have toured more lately and that has always been our main goal, to be on the road. I guess that the more you are out there, the more people notice you and in the end new ears attend the concerts, also I think we are a better live act these days than before.

12 – So why did you call the new album – Long Road Made Of Gold. Does it have a specific meaning to you individually or as a band.

-Thomas: “Long Road Made Of Gold” is the “Long Road” as a travelling musician and the music is the “Gold”.

13 – Will you be doing a major tour for the album. If so which parts of the world will you be visiting.

-Thomas: We will start with festivals such as Freak Valley Festival (Germany), Atomic Rooster Summer Jam (Sweden), Zwarte Cross, Lichtenvoorde (Netherlands), City Rock, Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Culemborg Blues, Culemborg, (Netherlands). Then we will tour in different ways through September, October, November, December - plans are being made as we speak.

14 – Well Thomas, thanks for doing this. Before you go. Do you have anything to say to your fans.

-Thomas: Yes, I would like to salute all of you rockers out there and thank you for tuning in to Kamchatka, without you guys there would be no Kamchatka !!!!!!!!

Well Thomas, all the best with the new album. It's a killer record. Thanks. Steve.

-Thomas: Thank you Steve ! My pleasure

I want to thank Thomas for taking out the time to to talk to us at Sludgelord HQ. Thanks to Brian at Fresno Media for arranging this interview

Long Road Made Of Gold is available to buy on CD/Vinyl now through Despotz Records.

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