Sunday 16 September 2012

ALUNAH - White Hoarhound Review

White Hoarhound cover art

ALUNAH are a Psych/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Birmingham (Legendary Birthplace of Doom and Heavy Metal), United Kingdom

The members are:

Soph Day - Vocals & Guitar
Dave Day - Guitar
Gaz Imber - Bass
Jake Mason - Drums

Alunah are a Doom/Stoner Metal Band with a lot of cool psych/occult rock blended into their music. Alunah have been touted as one of the best Stoner/Doom Metal Bands the UK has to offer at the moment. And you know what it's praise wholly deserved. Alunah bring a fresh perspective to Doom/Stoner Metal.

They released their critically acclaimed debut album - Call of Avernus back in 2010. Well Alunah are back two years later with their most daring and creative work to date - White Hoarhound.

What follows is a 7 song and 50 minute blast of amazing Stoner/Doom Metal riffage from one of the very best female fronted bands the scene has to offer.

Alunah are led by the majestic and sultry vocals of the immensely talented Soph Day who has been described as one of the best female lead singers in the scene today. And on this evidence it's easy to see why.

Plus she is backed up by a great band behind her. These guys just fucking rock from start to finish.

You know when you hear the opening riffs of Demeter's Grief your in for a great time. It gets right down to business of playing sublime Psych based Doom/Stoner Metal riffs. A superb 7:37 minute epic that will get you in the mood to rock out in no time at all.

Next up is the brilliant title track - White Hoarhound - and possibly my fave track on the album as it has a crushing guitar riff that even the top bands would be proud to call their own. Plus some eerie vocals and lyrics to match that had from the word go. The 5:30 minutes just flies by and shows what truly talented songwriters Alunah actually are.

This song could be the perfect soundtrack to the next British big cult horror film. As it perfectly blends the style of a creepy sinister horror film that Britain used to make back in the day.

Alunah have other excellent songs and tricks up their sleeve by blending superb Occult references through out but driven by a great modern Doom/Stoner Metal edge.

Check out great tracks - Belial's Fjord, Chester Midsummer Watch Parade and the amazing two part classic - Oak Ritual Part 1 and Part 2. 

Oak Ritual Part 2 is a 10 minute beast that is true force of nature. And one that only Alunah can deliver. Some of the best riffs are on this song. It will last long in the memory.

This album is already been acclaimed as a future classic and masterpiece. And you know what it. It fucking is. Alunah have delivered their best work to date. This should propel the guys onto the next level of Doom/Stoner Metal.

And it shows another truly talented female vocalist to look out for. It seems like the ladies of Doom/Stoner Metal are showing their male counterparts on how to deliver truly emotional charged and action packed vocals. 

Now if we can get Soph, Hel & Taz from Undersmile, Mlny from Royal Thunder and Stevie from Dark Castle to form one big super-group I would die a happy man.

Anyway back to grounded reality. This album is a must for all fans of Doom/Stoner Metal. It's expertly recorded by Greg Chandler who done the recent excellent GENERAL. Remember Alunah features Gaz from General on Bass Duties. Plus this album has been mixed/mastered by the legend that is Tony Reed of Stone Axe and Mos Generator.

So yeah this album is something special and I urge you all to check it out now. 

Brilliant. End Of.

White Hoarhound is available to buy on PsycheDOOMelic Records from all good stockists now. Or head over to Alunah's BandCamp Page and select whichever format you need.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check out my fave track from - White Hoarhound - from this amazing album.