Thursday 20 September 2012

Sunwølf - Beyond The Sun Review

Sunwølf are an Instrumental Ambient/Drone/Stoner Rock Band from Leeds, UK.

The members are:

Dominic Deane (Drums/Organ)
Matthew Carrington (Guitars/Samples)

Sunwølf play a blend of Ambient/Drone/Stoner you don’t hear much of in today’s scene. They sound like a Stoner Metal version of Pelican, Earth and Sunn0))) jamming together.

The way that Sunwølf blend Ambient, Drone and Stoner Rock is quite spellbinding at times with a majestic feel to it as well.

They are about to release their superb debut album – Beyond The Sun. A stunning 7 song and 28 minute blast of truly wonderful moments of heavy based music. The album has a great balance of loud and heavy against the more quiet ambient rock side of things.

Sunwølf know when to crank up the tension during their louder moments. Especially on the first half of the album as that part features the heaviest Stoner Rock part of it. Especially on great tracks – Morose Land and Beyond The Sun.

The 2nd half of the album is more restrained. And features the quieter part of the album. This is where  Sunwølf experiment more with their Ambient/Drone Rock side. But don’t let that fool you as this part of the album is still as powerful as the sublime heavy first part.

Beyond The Sun is a great release to showcase their talents for delivering something highly original. My only one complaint is they should have included one louder Stoner Rock song to end things on. As it ends on a sombre note. It needed something to end the album on high and one that could have turned this album into something special.

Other than that Sunwølf have produced a superb album that should cement their place as one of the best upcoming Stoner Rock bands that really do have a sound different from anyone else.

Superb Stuff and Highly Recommended.

Beyond The Sun will be available to buy from Monday 26th November 2012 via from Ark Noise Recordings.

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