Sunday 30 September 2012


Sublime End cover art

Sedna are a Stoner Metal Band from Brasil.

The members are:

Pablo Wilard - Bass/Vocals
Fábio Lyra - Guitar/Vocals
Rodrigo Lacerda - Guitar/Vocals
Damien Murch - Drums
Sedna are fucking superb Stoner Metal band from our South American brothers. They are another great band for you to check out.

If your into the usual top great bands of Stoner Metal then your going to love this. As Sedna mix superb Stoner Metal riffs with a truly outstanding grunge vibe.

More like a Stoner Metal version of SoundGarden and Alice In Chains. But there is so much more to their music. Their new album - Sublime End - is just that. Fucking Sublime indeed.

A 13 song and almost 50 minutes of wonderful music. This seriously is a great release for you all to check out right now.

Check out excellent tracks - Storm At The Gates, Phasya 8, Our Damnable Need To Speak and Fall From Grace. Tracks showing how supremely talented this band actually are.

Blending powerful Grunge/Stoner Metal riffs and passionate vocals to match.

Look headover to BandCamp right now and download this brilliant album for free right now. You won't regret it. It's a brilliant release that I can't recommend highly.

This showcases another outstanding South American Stoner Metal Band you need in your life right now.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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