Friday 7 September 2012


Triggerman is a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Derry, Northern Ireland

The members are:  Bap (vocals, guitar), Niall (guitar), Rory (drums), Dixie (Bass).

Triggerman is a hard rocking Stoner Rock band who have been gaining quite a following in the Stoner Rock Scene. Their blend of Hard Rock, Blues and Stoner Rock has won them a loyal following.

I haven’t heard much about this great band but that is about to change. Their 3rd release – Hail To The River Gods is a 7 song and 28 minute blast of hard rocking and high energy Stoner Rock riffs that will have the most jaded fan begging for more.

It’s not the most sophisticated of music but it gets the job done brilliantly well. It’s an action packed ride of pure high voltage Stoner Rock Riffs. If you into Clutch, Orange Goblin and Thin Lizzy then your going to love it.

The vocals have a great Punk Rock energy to them. Vocalist Bap feels like he is channelling a centuries old demented spirit with his gruff vocal exterior which add a great quality to the band. This is a very commanding vocalist who keeps you fully entertained from start to finish.

The 7 tracks here are sing-a-long future classics in the making. The guys write great lyrics that are very easy to remember that will have you singing in no time at all. Especially on Thon Strange Brew, Wake The Dead and my fave track Blind Side Of The Moon.

Hail To The River Gods pays homage to great bands past and present. So if you’re into Stoner Rock, Boogie Rock and even Swamp Rock you’re going to find much to enjoy here. Once the riffs start they never stop. The guys just play through this album like an out of control juggernaut. And nothing is going to get in their way. Just sit back and lose yourself with Triggerman.

It’s been getting rave reviews everywhere and it’s no wonder why. Triggerman are one of the best secrets in Stoner Rock that definitely deserve a bigger audience.

It’s a shame there is only 7 songs as I wanted to go on for another 5 mins or so. But like I always say – A band has done its job leaving the audience wanting more.

And I do want more. Triggerman might not be the most sophisticated band around but damn these guys know how to rock out big time and that’s what we want in a top-notch Stoner Rock Band. Well ladies and gentleman, Triggerman have this in spades. Awesome.

Now let’s drink a bottle of Thon Strange Brew and raise a toast to the mighty TRIGGERMAN.

Hail To The River Gods is an absolute top-notch album that I recommend you check out now. Highly Recommended.

Hail To The River Gods is available now from all good stockists.

Check Out This Great Band Below.