Friday 7 September 2012


Can’t Fake Nature is a Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band

The members are

Nina - vocals
Nikola - guitar
Porfo - guitar - sounds
Damir - drums
Andrej - bass

Can’t Fake Nature are a hugely talented band playing their own style of Post-Rock, Ambient and Post-Metal to superb effect. If your into Pelican, Russian Circles, Red Sparowes and MONO then you going to dig this.

They have just released their excellent new release High / Low Tide. A 4 song and 28 minute odyssey of pure sonic bliss. Heavy, Loud, Quiet, Haunting, Hypnotic are just some of the words to describe their great blend of Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffage.

The 4 tracks show what this band’s talent in a huge way. They immediately draw you into their world with the opening sublime track – Under Low Tide. A 7:23minute blast of great riffs of the Post-Rock/Post-Metal spectrum that sets you the tone and atmosphere in what to expect next.

The album takes you into a calm state before the loud carnage of the angrier Post-Metal riffs kick in through the album’s lean running time.

This is an album that is brilliantly produced and one that has been mastered by the legendary James Plotkin. And it showcases Can’t Fake Nature’s talent down to a fine art. The drumming is just immense on this release. Really impressed me the most. Though the guitar work is also great as well.

All in all a wonderful release from a great band to add to your collection. You can download this excellent release from BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal right now. So headover there now and get downloading.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below