Friday 7 September 2012

OBELYSKKH - White Lightnin Review

Obelyskkh is a Psych Doom/Space Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Germany.

The members are:


Obelyskkh are a Psych Doom/Stoner Metal Band blending Space Rock and Ambient Rock to wondrous effect. Taking influence from a whole range of bands such as Black Sabbath, Ufomammut and even ISIS at times on their superb new album – White Lightnin.

A 7 song epic album that runs for about 62 minutes or so. This is an album that will expand your mind, body and soul all in one go. It transcends the normal structure of Doom/Stoner Metal music by adding a cool Space Rock vibe that gives this band a truly wondrous sonic feel.

You can definitely feel the Black Sabbath and Ufomammut feel on this epic album. As it oozes through the album at times but Obelsykkh still have a whole truckload of originality of their own by blending 60s/70s Psych Rock and Doom based vocals as well.

This is an album that will take multiple listens to get the full effect. I have listened to this excellent album about 7 times or so and it still throws up something new that I have missed originally. A sign of a great album that keeps challenging you with each listen.

The album has its fair share of epic tracks. Some running from 9 mins (The White Lighting, Amphetamine Animal) upto an epic 15 mins (Invocation To The Old Ones).

And those tracks are probably the best on this brilliant album. It showcases what the band do so well. Blending epic riffs just seem to go on forever and one you don’t want to end. It’s a very multi-layered album which will have some people scratching their heads thinking what the heck we are listening to. But believe me this is a worthwhile journey to stick around with.

Obelsyykh don’t stick a normal genre structure. They stay outside the box and play whatever genre they want to play. It’s quite experimental in nature especially with the Doom/Stoner Metal influences.

These guys would make perfect touring partners for Ufomammut as they play the same sort of mind expanding sonic riffs that could cause devastation in the deeper far reaches of space.

The instrumental work is just amazing and wonderful to listen to all the way through. These guys are a super tight unit who play superbly well off each other. I would love to see these guys live and see if they can reproduce the magic here live on stage. Maybe one day when they tour the UK.

Obelyskkh have unleashed an epic album that can truly define them as major league players in the years to come. White Lighnin is one mighty step leap forward for this band to greatness.

We will be classing these Space Rockers/Stoner Metallers as innovators of the genre in a few years to come. They are seriously that great.

The album is brilliantly produced and has almighty thunderous kick to it. Everything is played loud and it stays that way till the very end.

Highly Recommended. What do you think!!! – Yeah it is.

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