Thursday 20 September 2012

METHADONE SKIES - Enter The Void Review

Enter The Void cover art

Methadone Skies is an Experimental Stoner Rock Band from Romania.

The members are:

Wehry - guitar
Casi - guitar, keys, efects
Mihai - Bass
Retea - drums & percutions

Methadone Skies are a Progressive Experimental Stoner Rock Band who specialise in extended jams than traditional song structures that other Instrumental Rock bands play with.

If you’re a fan of Monkey 3, Earthless and Colour Haze you will find much to enjoy here as these guys really do add a great Experimental Vibe to their music. They have just released their superb new album – Enter The Void.

A 6 song and 54 minute masterclass of Jam Session based experimental stoner rock. Their new album like their name is like the audio dangerous equivalent. Highly addictive and you will be coming back for more.

There is no set structure just a great band exploring the perceived concept of stoner rock and changing it for the better. Methadone Skies  turn the genre on its head with a wild unexpected ride into the unknown. Bringing a more human element you could possibly imagine.

The band is one tight unit. They thrive off each other and it shows on each brilliant track. They throw everything into this great album. All of the songs are perfectly put together and full of creativity that most bands could never match.

Especially on superb tracks – Enter The Void, Hyperspace and my fave track – Exit The Void. Some of the tracks run past the 11 minute mark. So expect major epic riffs that blend the Psych Rock/Jam Rock to amazing effect. It does get very loud at times.

This album is simply a thing of beauty to listen to. Just go find a quiet room, get comfortable, press play and be prepared to be blown away for the next 54 mins or so. As this album will be taking you to places you can only imagine.

It’s simply is a stunning collection of tracks that band should rightly be proud of. These guys would go down a storm on the live stage especially the Roadburn Festival.

The album is brilliantly produced as you can hear every weird trippy breathtaking riff played to perfection. This is a band you cannot pass up on. Enter The Void is simply unmissable and a contender for one of the best Instrumental Rock albums of 2012.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Enter The Void from BandCamp right now $6. I bought this last weekend on a blind purchase. And I am glad that I did. Great work guys.

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