Tuesday 4 September 2012

WHEELFALL - Interzone Album Review

INTERZONE cover art

Wheelfall is a Stoner Metal Band from Nancy, France

The members are:

- Niko El Moche : Bass
- Cactus Flo : Guitar
- Wayne Furter : Guitar/Vocals
- Niko Elbow : Drums

Wheelfall are a superb Stoner Metal Band playing epic Stoner Metal riffs with an amazing Sci-Fi feel. Taking influence from Kyuss, Sleep, High On Fire and Monster Magnet but adding a truly wonderful Sci-Fi end of the world apocalyptic feel to their music.

Wheelfall released an outstanding debut EP back in 2010 which gathered a lot of praise from fans and critics alike including here. It showed a band with a great original feel of the genre by adding a great Sci-Fi vibe to their music.

Well Wheelfall with their brilliant debut album – Interzone – A 6 song and 55 minute thrill ride that plays out like a Hollywood Blockbuster with amazing Stoner Metal riffs thrown in for good measure.

Interzone will be getting a lot of praise when it’s released physically in November 2012. It goes on pre-order in Sept 2012 where you will be able to download it straight away.

Well the guys have kindly let me review their amazing new album and I thank them for it. As it’s been my soundtrack to my daily existence for the past 6 weeks or so. I cannot get enough of this brilliant action packed thrill ride of an album.

The album starts off with a 2 minute track called – Prelude – which sets off the scene with a haunting atmospheric score with radio flashes of the incoming Alien Invasion happening upon this superb concept album. After this track it’s time to strap in as Wheelfall are ready to take you for one of the most action packed rides of the year. So sit back, buckle up, put volume upto full blast – It’s time to enter – Interzone.

Howling - kicks in with a great riff right from the start. A superb 5 minute track that shows what to expect from these hugely talented rockers. Sublime riffs with excellent grizzled vocals from vocalist Wayne who acts as the narrator for this great story.

Holy Sky is an 8 minute blast of fuzzed out Stoner Metal riffs that has a haunting feel to it. It manages to get under your skin and pull you in from the start. A very atmospheric track that makes you feel there is a sense of danger lurking around the corner. This is a very hard thing to do but Wheelfall pull it off with no problems at all.

By now Interzone should have you hooked now. Brilliant Fuzzed Out Stoner Metal riffage with an out of this world atmosphere with great vocals to match.

Right now I am not going to reveal anymore of this album’s excellent story. As the album and songs only get better and I don’t want to spoil any further surprises for the viewer/listener.

I will say the last track – Interzone – is on for an incredible 22 minutes and what a song it is. This song is worth it for the purchase of this album alone. It’s an incredible song you will be listening to over and over again. It’s full of brilliant riffs that you actually lose count. The song takes time in cranking up the tension and atmosphere but when it hits top gear this track takes this album onto another level that has been rarely matched in 2012.

It’s simply a phenomenal track that lifts this album into masterpiece territory. This album is an album that will be getting major praise when it’s finally released. And it’s praise that is richly deserved.

Wheelfall have crafted an album that will rightly be lauded as a classic in years to come. Wheelfall have released an album that will hopefully shoot them into the major leagues of Stoner Metal bands.

It’s brilliantly produced and performed by all involved. This is an album you will be coming back to time and time again in many years to come. It has that classic Stoner Metal album feel all over it.

It’s a perfectly crafted album m that will expand Wheelfall’s fan base by a huge margin.

I will definitely be buying this on Physical Release. Hopefully a vinyl release will not be too far away as this would be the perfect record to listen to on Vinyl.

All in all a brilliant release to own when it’s finally unleashed upon the world in the next few months.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:


Here are the details about when this brilliant album is released 

- The pre orders + downloads are coming September 10th, through sunruinrecords.bandcamp.com
- physical release and shipping, November 14th, digipack w/ 12 page illustration booklet
- here's label website : http://sunruinrecords.com/
- band website : http://wheelfall.com/