Wednesday 12 September 2012

Blizzard At Sea - News on Kickstarter and New Album

BLIZZARD AT SEA are a 3 Piece Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Iowa City, USA

The members are:

Jesse Cohen - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Steven Douglas Ross - Guitars, Vocals
Pat Took - Drums

They have been on this blog before with their excellent debut release - Invariance.

Well the guys are about to start on their new album. But they need your help to do this. They have started a KickStarter Project to raise funds to do this.

Details are shown below:

Blizzard at Sea is a band that isn't afraid to take a step into the unknown. With the structures, lengths, and time signatures applied in their songwriting, they display an attempt to find new ground in the ever-deepening ocean of modern music.

After releasing their debut EP, Invariance, in the summer of 2011, playing as many shows as they could possibly get their hands on, and releasing a 30 minute music video to accompany the entirety of Invariance, Blizzard at Sea has spent the past several months writing and preparing for their next release, Individuation.

Individuation is an album that explores several themes musically and lyrically. The songs are structured to allow the music itself to convey as much narrative as possible, including significant experimentation of time signature and tempo. Lyrically, the album contemplates subjects including the many worlds interpretation, the relationship between man and technology, the internet, space travel, and the distant future.

Believing that a DIY mindset is the best approach to making music in the modern internet age, Blizzard at Sea is cutting out the middle-man and asking for direct support to help make the music that they are so passionate about.

Blizzard at Sea is:

Jesse Cohen:

"We need your help to continue the exploration of space, time, and the sludgy depths of the human experience. With each donation from our community, filled with people and institutions that have and continue to do incredible, world changing things that inspire our band, we can release our latest EP. It has taken a lot of people's support and we are excited with the direction our sound is taking as we form around our new drummer and evolve as musicians. We are proud to offer our music for supporters here on kickstarter. Thank you!"

Steven Douglas Ross:

"I like to think that the more effort you put into something, the more rewarding the results will be. Making music in this band has been challenging, but also honest. The last few years have flown by as Blizzard at Sea has relentlessly progressed and evolved, and now we are proud to offer another forty minutes of ourselves. We're here to make music that moves people to feel something, that inspires thought, music that makes people stop for a moment and just try to connect a few more dots."

Pat Took:

"I started drumming at a young age, and while I've connected and played with a variety of great musicians over the years, this will be the time I've been able to commit a lot of time and energy into a project that I'm so passionate about. Because of that I have poured a lot of heart and soul into these songs, I see this EP as a kind of culmination of my dedication and love for playing music thus far, and I'm very excited to have a chance to get it to all of you so you may hear it."

A little help can go a long way, and this is an opportunity to directly support some musicians trying to stay afloat in these rough waters!

The project will be pressed at Furnace MFG.

So head over there now and please help if you can so this brilliant band can release their new album.

24 Days left to go to help the band raise their required total.

Check Their New Song here from SoundCloud.

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