Wednesday 19 September 2012

Blizzard At Sea - Individuation Review

BLIZZARD AT SEA are a 3 Piece Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Iowa City, USA

The members are:

Jesse Cohen - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Steven Douglas Ross - Guitars, Vocals
Pat Took - Drums

Blizzard At Sea is a haunting progressive sludge/post-metal band who has been on this blog a few times now. They blend of Progressive Sludge and Post-Metal has hit a chord with many of you on this blog.

Well the guys have just started a KickStarter Project to fund their next album. A cause which I will be soon contributing too when funds allow it.

Anyway the guys knowing that I am big fans of their work have sent me a copy to review their stunning new album – Individuation – A 3 song and 38 minute blast of outstanding riffs from this great band.

This KickStarter Project needs to succeed as Individuation is simply a stunning release from one of my fave upcoming Sludge/Post-Metal Bands.

Blizzard At Sea have released another collection of great tracks to make this great band stand out from the crowd.

First Track – Accelerating Returns is a 12:40 minute masterclass of Sludge/Post-Metal. It hits all the right notes from the start. Full of precise riffs to get the heart beat racing overtime. This harks back to the good old days of ISIS and Neurosis but still showcasing Blizzard At Sea as a truly forward thinking band.

The drumming is just sensational on this track. It feels like Pat is hitting with a sledgehammer at times. WOW.

The song just flies by. There is not one boring moment on it. Just a great track showing what Blizzard At Sea do so brilliantly well.

Next up is - The Technological Singularity – A 5:46 minute action packed ride of fast paced riffs. This is where the guys bring in a sublime Progressive Metal edge to their music. As it’s a very fast paced song. A bit different to Accelerating Returns. Which is good as it shows the band are not afraid to experiment with their music.
Another stunning track with some great vocals as well.

Next up is the final epic track – Longevity - The 18:48 minute track is probably the band’s finest work to date. It incorporates everything that make Blizzard At Sea a band to look out for in the Sludge/Post-Metal arena.

It has a slow-burning atmosphere driving it along before the brutal Sludge/Post-Metal riffs kick in. But the band do add some cool experimental vibes to their music as well. They even add clean vocals as well. A first for Blizzard At Sea. But don’t fret they do play their already established heavy and hard hitting riffs later within this sublime epic track.

And this brings the end to Blizzard At Sea’s latest brilliant release. This is the album that could establish Blizzard At Sea as a major player in the years to come.

They have the talent and vision to stay around for many years to come. A brilliant release from a truly great band.

Head over to their KickStarter Fund and pledge so this great album can be released to the entire world. You have until Saturday 6th October 2012.

Amazing and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below.